Temperatures in Plovdiv are starting to drop, rain is expected

Temperatures in Plovdiv are starting to drop, rain is expected
Temperatures in Plovdiv are starting to drop, rain is expected

Temperatures are starting to drop in Plovdiv. Morning values ​​will be between 3 and 7 degrees. During the day it will be mostly cloudy and the maximum temperatures will not exceed 14-15 degrees. Rainfall is also expected in the evening.

Sunny weather will prevail over the country before noon. After noon, clouds will increase from the west and rain showers will begin. By the evening they will be everywhere, and in places in Western Bulgaria the quantities will be significant. Before noon in the eastern half of the country, a moderate southerly wind will blow and temperatures will be higher there. In the west it will be almost quiet, but in the evening the wind will shift from the west-northwest, increase and bring cold air with it. On the night of Saturday in the mountainous regions of Western Bulgaria, the rain will change to snow. The maximum temperatures will be from 10°-13° in northwestern Bulgaria to 17°-19° in the east, in Sofia – about 13°.

In the mountains, the weather will be dynamic. It will be mostly sunny before noon. After noon, the cloudiness will increase and in the massifs of Western Bulgaria, precipitation will begin from rain, above about 2000 meters – from snow. By the evening it will also rain in the east. A moderate to strong wind will blow from the west-southwest, but in the evening it will shift from the northwest and cold air will begin to invade with it. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around 10°, at 2000 meters – around 4°, but in the evening they will quickly decrease. Overnight in the mountains of the western half of the country, the snow line will drop significantly and the rain will turn to snow. Amounts will be significant and in combination with gale force winds there will be blizzard conditions.

Sunny weather will prevail along the Black Sea. A moderate, temporarily strong wind will blow, mainly from the south, but by the evening it will be oriented from the west-northwest. Cloudiness will increase and thicken in the evening and rain will fall in many places by midnight. Maximum temperatures: 14°-16°. The temperature of the sea water is from 10° along the northern coast to 16° along the southern coast. The excitement of the sea will be 2-3 points.

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