They open the bags with ballots from the machine sections in Sofia

They open the bags with ballots from the machine sections in Sofia
They open the bags with ballots from the machine sections in Sofia

The Sofia Administrative Court ordered the printing of ballot bags from all 1,639 sections with machines in Sofia. However, only the protocols from the devices will be extracted. This was reported by BNT.

The magistrates examined the merits of Vanya Grigorova’s appeal against the decision of the Metropolitan Electoral Commission, which announced Vasil Terziev as mayor of Sofia.

However, manual counting is not foreseen at least at this point. Such will be ordered if the assigned expertise shows discrepancies. Only the records will be taken from the bags and if there are discrepancies, it will be re-counted only in some sections.

Vanya Grigorova’s team insists that the vote be counted. They argue with the numerous violations committed on election day.

For the specific violations pointed out by Grigorova’s team, including redoing protocols after they had already been uploaded, the court decided that a complex technical and economic expertise should be carried out, prepared by two experts, a computer specialist and an economist. It should be ascertained whether there are any inconsistencies in the corrections made.

The Administrative Court of Sofia-city started the case on the complaint of Vanya Grigorova, in her capacity as a candidate for Mayor of Sofia Municipality and MC “BSP for Bulgaria”, against decision No. 1094-MI/06.11.2023 of the Sofia Municipal Election Commission for selection of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 1 at 11:00 a.m.

Vanya Grigorova stated that in its decisions, the court created conditions for voters to be convinced that their choice, as they wanted to make it, would be accounted for. According to her, the court complied with her complaint.

We remind you that Vanya Grigorova lost the runoff in Sofia by less than 5,000 votes. She disputed the results of the vote in court.

The court rejected Vanya Grigorova’s request to suspend the appointment of the mayor of the capital

Vasil Terziev will be able to swear in as mayor of Sofia on Monday

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