for the derogation, for the budget and for the majorities

for the derogation, for the budget and for the majorities
for the derogation, for the budget and for the majorities

After two failed sessions of the parliament for the vote of no confidence in the government and the demonstration by GERB and DPS with not entering the hall, as well as with a series of accusations that PP-DB is in a new coalition with BSP, “Vazrazhdane” and ITN about the derogation for Lukoil, in the early afternoon on Friday the representatives of the three governing parties (in one form or another) appeared before the media to announce that they had reached an agreement.

PP-DB will propose to drop the derogation for Russian oil on March 15

“On Wednesday GERB-SDS and DPS will participate in the quorum of the parliament to show that the Euro-Atlantic majority exists”. announced at a briefing in the parliament the chairwoman of the PG of GERB Desislava Atanasova.

The decision was reached after intensive talks between the two formations and Finance Minister Asen Vasilev. GERB-SDS and DPS have set conditions related to the derogation, the budget and “demonstration of the Euro-Atlantic majority”.

The cancellation of the derogation – in two stages

The repeal of the derogation will not take place in three days, as DPS and GERB insisted until the end, but in two stages – from January 1 and from March 1, 2024, respectively.

“The first step is from January 1st – the suspension of export quotas. The second step is from March 1st – the final cancellation of the derogation, and we have agreed to this transition period solely so that there will be no financial shocks on the market, namely these damages from an increase in the price of diesel and gasoline to be borne by the Bulgarian citizens”, Atanasova announced.

For the budget – the requests of all groups are satisfied

A compromise was also reached regarding the Law on the State Budget.

Possibilities were found to satisfy all the demands of the parliamentary groups in terms of revenue and expenditure.

“GERB set a condition that the passes be made more realistically, and in this regard, they will be reduced by BGN 2.4 billion, exactly as much as the planned contribution for the gas tax.

The second condition was to have a list of national priority investment sites and it will include the Struma highway, the Pleven-Ruse road, the Hemus highway and others. The DPS has set such a priority list for investments in municipalities.” explained the chairman of the budget commission Yordan Tsonev.

It was clear from his words that these two lists will be clarified between the first and second reading and will be an integral part of the budget, provided with the corresponding resource. Some scaling back of the capital program has also been agreed.

“The capital program increases from BGN 12 to BGN 10 billion, sufficient to cover all these requirements and help the country’s economy not enter a recession,” he added and said that they also reduced the debt ceiling by almost BGN 1 billion BGN, thus reaching an agreement on the framework and capital expenditures of the state budget, which will be submitted next week.

For the majority

“We received guarantees from the PP-DB that in the future there will be no cases in which their parliamentary group will vote together in a different majority with “Vazrazhdane”, BSP and “There is such a people”, Atanasova also stated on this topic.

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