– news – Hurricane Frederick swept Varna – news – Hurricane Frederick swept Varna – news – Hurricane Frederick swept Varna


Many fallen trees in Varna.

Hurricane Frederick strengthens its power in the city.

The wind speed at Varna airport is about 90 kilometers per hour, but it can increase to 150.

Destruction is possible.

Nearly 50 reports of fallen trees and disrupted energy supply were received by citizens in the Municipality of Varna at 6 p.m. today. The most affected area is Asparuhovo, where traffic is disrupted on the road to the Galata district and on the old road to Burgas in the city of Borovets. Fire safety and civil defense teams have been dispatched to the scene.

Power supply was disrupted in “Rakitnika” and “Borovets-sever” metro stations. Energo-pro teams are repairing the damage, writes

The port was also closed earlier today. The roughness of the sea is expected to reach 6 points in the next hours.

An orange code for dangerous weather has been announced today in Varna. The warning is related to strong, gale-force to hurricane-force winds. The speed of gusts at night is expected to reach 20-25 m/s, and outdoors – 25-30 m/s.

The Municipality of Varna recommends that citizens in Varna and the region secure their homes and properties by closing all doors and windows and moving light objects and property indoors. Motor vehicle owners are advised to park their cars away from trees, constructions and other dangerous places.

All institutions are on standby and are actively reacting to the worsening weather.

Power, water, port and district administrations are coordinating with each other to address utility disruptions.

Yesterday, at an extraordinary meeting, the mayor Blagomir Kotsev ordered the employees in the municipal structures and the contractor companies to be ready for immediate actions in connection with the worsening weather.

Citizens can report emergency situations to the Varna Municipality hotline: +35952820112.

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