Bonev: We will not negotiate a coalition with GERB – Bulgaria

Bonev: We will not negotiate a coalition with GERB – Bulgaria
Bonev: We will not negotiate a coalition with GERB – Bulgaria

“We will not hold negotiations on a coalition with GERB, we will hold talks on policies and priorities. The decision on my candidacy for chairman is up to the group, which we as a formation and a coalition of several parties will take depending on how the talks go”.

This was stated by municipal councilor Boris Bonev from “We continue the change” – “Democratic Bulgaria” (PP-DB) (“Save Sofia”) in SOS.

The Metropolitan Municipal Council did not elect a chairman again

He added that in the talks held so far, no one has set as a condition for support a change in the candidacy for president.

Today, the SOS again failed to elect its chairman after a run-off between the candidate of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” (“Save Sofia”) Boris Bonev, who collected 23 votes, and the candidate of “BSP for Bulgaria” Diana Tonova, for whom nine voted municipal councilors.

“In the coming days, we will try to establish what the real demands of the other political forces are, so that the Metropolitan Municipal Council (SOC) can start working,” said Bonev.

“There is something positive, and that is the fact that all the groups in SOS expressed a desire to hold talks,” Bonev reported.

“Invitations to the political forces for talks will be sent as quickly as possible,” he said, adding that he expects this desire to be realized by attending such talks.

Vasil Terziev will once again send invitations to the parties in the Metropolitan Municipal Council

“It became clear that with all the political forces there is a huge overlap at the policy level, but this is clearly not enough,” Bonev said.

He clarified that there is already a desire to work on substance and to form the committees in the SOS and among representatives of other parties and drew attention to the fact that although there is no elected chairman, the work for Sofia does not stop, the mayor and the regional mayors are working, and PP-DB have prepared reports for SOS.

Source: BTA, Sofia Gospodinova

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