Clearing foliage and removing hazardous branches remains a top priority after the hurricane


Due to the ongoing emergency recovery activities, the state of emergency in the municipality of Varna remains in effect. The situation is normalizing and the pace of life in the city is improving. This was established by the anti-crisis headquarters of the Municipality earlier this evening.

Leaf clearance and removal of hazardous branches and trees stand out as major challenges. The “Primorski” area is the most affected, where there are still difficulties in the cleaning and removal of plant waste as a result of the storm.

Solutions are being discussed to bring in a larger volume of technical teams and specialized equipment to speed up the recovery process. The direction of work is similar in relation to the technical teams. The Labor Bureau is ready to provide a workforce of 30 long-term unemployed persons to participate in emergency recovery activities. Along with this, volunteers from various departments are involved.

Mayor Blagomir Kotsev also reminded that students between 1st and 12th grades will start studying in regular attendance mode from tomorrow. Exceptions are the “Vasil Drumev” Primary School, the Vocational High School for Textiles and Fashion Design, “Saint Prince Boris I” Primary School I and “Konstantin Arabadjiev” Primary School, where repair work is still being carried out. There, the distance learning mode will continue until Wednesday inclusive.

Nurseries and kindergartens continue to work in normal mode.

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