Skopje: We are actively working on the construction of the railway line with Bulgaria


Macedonian Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoi Bochvarski said that North Macedonia is actively working on the construction of two sections of the railway connection with Bulgaria, BGNES reported.

The minister pointed out that the project has the highest investment value since the independence of North Macedonia until today – 200 million euros. Bochvarski announced that the tender for the third and heaviest section is expected to be announced by the end of this year.

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“We concluded an agreement two years ago with one, and then with a second company for the second section of the railway line to Bulgaria. Both sections are actively being worked on. We expect the construction of the first to be completed sometime at the end of next year and to continue the work on the second. Of course, I expect by the end of this year the tender for the third and most difficult section will be announced. We are in the final stage before the contractor selection tender.

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An action plan for the Skopje-Nis high-speed railway line will also be drawn up within 30 days, the Macedonian Minister of Transport informed. “These are big projects that are worth 500, 600 million euros and their implementation takes time. But why these projects have not been implemented for 30 years is a question that should be asked of those who ran the institutions in the past, Bochvarski also said.

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