Cyclone brings winter back to Bulgaria!


A looming classic winter setting is forecast by global models for the end of next week.

According to the latest analyzes of the American Global Model GFS and the European Center for Medium-Term Forecasts (ECMWF), under the influence of Mediterranean cyclones passing through Bulgaria, a significant precipitation situation of rain and snow will be created in the period between November 25-27.

Around noon in Friday from west to east, the cloudiness will increase and in Western and Northwestern Bulgaria, new precipitation will begin. The maximum temperatures in Friday they will still be high and will reach 10-13, in NW Bulgaria and much warmer in East – up to 15-17°С.

The synoptic situation during the day in Saturday and at night against Sunday across the country it will get worse. Precipitation will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind, and as temperatures drop, it will also be accompanied by snow. Blizzards are also possible. Hurricane gusts of wind are not expected! ( At least for now )

The weather on Saturday and Sunday:

During the day in Saturday, under the influence of a passing Mediterranean cyclone. The synoptic situation in our country will become more complicated. The rains that started over The western one and Central Pre-Balkan and on the high fields of West Bulgaria it will turn into snow. Snow will also fall in the mountainous regions, where winds are also expected. Closures of the mountain revenues are also possible!

A snow cover will also form in the lowlands, which will exceed 10 cm in places in North-West Bulgaria. In the Northwest Pre-Balkan – up to 25-30 cm. The expected snow cover in the capital will be between 5-10 cm.

It is possible that during the passage of the cold atmospheric front, the precipitation will be accompanied by thunderstorms in Southern and Eastern Bulgaria.

Meteo Balkans appeals to drivers to drive carefully and at an appropriate speed, keeping the necessary distance and not to take risky overtaking.

IN Sunday it will still snow over Eastern Bulgaria until noon, but it will remain windy. In the evening, the cloudiness over Western Bulgaria will decrease to clear weather and the wind will weaken.


In the coming days this forecast will undergo many changes and in reality this forecast is not official. The idea of ​​this type of forecast is to give an overview of what we can expect during the week.


As we have emphasized many times, such forecasts are uncertain in a longer-term 7-day plan and are subject to change, so keep an eye on Meteo Balkans’ daily forecasts for the most timely updates.
You can get a detailed forecast by city on our website:

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