The emergency situation in six Varna municipalities remains

The emergency situation in six Varna municipalities remains
The emergency situation in six Varna municipalities remains

Sections of the third-class road network still remain closed

The situation in the district Varna after the strong wind and rain over the weekend it is gradually getting back to normal. Water and electricity have already been restored in most of the settlements that were affected by the bad weather. A few are still closed wayus sections of trecurrentlasna wayof network, expecting to be passable by the end of the day.

In six of the municipalities in the Varna Region, the state of emergency remains, and it is expected to be lifted by the end of the day in some of them. The problems today were mostly wayher Varna – Dobrich, which was closed due to stalled heavy goods vehicles in the area of ​​the village of Lyuben Karavelovo. Roadit is now open to passenger cars.

Since yesterday morning, we have been standing and waiting at the closed door way along the route Varna – Dobrich. No one gives us an explanation, we stand waywithout any information from anywhere. We call 112 and they say that wayit is closed and they close the line accordingly. We transport food fromcurrentand for a poultry farm, where they are currently without feed and are hungry“said a driver, BNT reported.

There are two villages in the district without current and eight without water. A few trecurrentlazy wayour sections are still closed to traffic.

IN Municipality Suvorovo is closed wayyat Suvorovo (Drandar) – Nikolaevka and Banovo – Kalimantsi“, specified Andriyana Andreeva, regional governor of the Varna region.

On the day of the disaster, the situation in Municipality Aksakovo, said the fire service in Varna.

For the two days, we have a total of 219 serviced accidents….Since this morning, we have liquidated 37 accidents mainly related to fallen branches and trees. According to our statistics, which we keep, we have brought a total of 172 people out of sleep“, said Tihomir Totev, director of ODPBZN Varna.

Teams in the district continue to remove fallen trees, branches and leaves. After the meeting of the operational headquarters in Municipality Varna after 6 p.m. it will be clear whether students will return to classrooms tomorrow or continue to study online.

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