The problem facing the “assembly” is not to run out of money

The problem facing the “assembly” is not to run out of money
The problem facing the “assembly” is not to run out of money

The “assembly” is more lively than the “trenches” of the BFS, because it is heated by scandals, which means that it moves. And our football does not move much.

Rather, the “assembly” has internal trenches, but they owe it to themselves. Because the two parts of this “assemblage” must constantly fight in order to preserve their identity. Let’s not forget that they hate each other. Because they they officially hate each other, but they were forced to take each other. In order to keep their supporters, especially those of PP-DB, who are more capricious than those of GERB, they will have to constantly fight.

What does not kill the “assembly” makes it stronger.

This is what he told Radio Plovdiv Parvan Simeonovexecutive director of Gallup International.

IN Bulgarian football will have to come out of the coma for a long time, if it comes out at all, the sociologist pointed out. And he asked us in what sport we are champions, so that we can expect that we will also be champions in football.

We are a proverbial individualistic society and we are not very good at collective disputes.

I am not very convinced that we should be optimistic. We we are used to being in line in every respect.

The footballers of the year 1994 were a product of the previous system. Part of its prestige was exactly team sports. And what happened after that is a product of the new times, explained Simeonov.

The sociologist believes that demonizing and lynching one or another leader or politician is not a working mechanism.

If “Levski” or CSKA had managed to become champions at least once or twice in the last decade, I am absolutely convinced that the audiences of “Levski” and CSKA, which were the main force a few days ago in Sofia, would not be so dissatisfied , they would not have such a desire to change.

This BFS management is getting a little more than its fair share. Yes, he should go. It is not possible for 18 years of stagnation and no real results, and for Bulgaria to be proverbially weak.

But it is also a fact that with a little more luck and with a slightly different conjuncture, we could have talked about different things.

I don’t believe in quick solutions. Even with a change in the leadership of the football union, there will be no quick progress. Because the problems are structural and they are embedded in the state of our country.

With one or another leadership of the BFS, things will not change, but they can be aired, and this airing is necessary.

The police overdid it a bit

This is how Simeonov commented on what happened during the protest of football fans in the capital. In his words: “Mrthe police were really a little bit more “overwhelmed”. Specifying that he was also at the protest, the sociologist emphasized that there was nothingwhich would have necessitated the release of the water cannon, as well as the use of plaques by the police. Nothing justifies the burning of the police bus, the person present at the event noted from the first person.

The question is not who should bear responsibility, but what the standard is. The standard and the memory.

In any case, our arshin should be the same. In this case, it is determined by whether you are in power or not.

This is probably how it happens in history – some are beautiful and others just act.

The biggest risk facing the “assembly” is that the money will not run out.

Simeonov noted that the philosophy of our country has changed very sharply. It was moderate, prudent, and now it resembles many other European countries and decided to apply a different philosophy – to hand out more money to people, to make them spend more and that “heats up” the economy.

I sincerely hope so lest it get out of control and go into some sort of spiral of indebtednessthe sociologist emphasized.

Neda Velkova’s interview with Parvan Simeonov is in the sound file.

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