They are increasing the number of OP “Ritual Activities”-Vratsa :

They are increasing the number of OP “Ritual Activities”-Vratsa :
They are increasing the number of OP “Ritual Activities”-Vratsa :

21.11.2023 07:00

At the upcoming regular meeting of the municipal council in Vratsa, a report by Mayor Kalin Kamenov on changes in the number and structure of the OP “Ritual Activities” will be considered.

It is clear from the report that the current structure of the enterprise, the total number of employees is 20.

The adoption of the changes in the number and structure of the staff of the Municipal Enterprise “Ritual Activities” Vratsa will ensure an optimal numerical composition for efficient and quality performance of its subject of activity, as well as a clear definition of the rights and obligations of the management and staff in the enterprise. It will create conditions for a quick reaction and control of the performed activities, will increase the quality of the services offered, will lead to a higher collection of the fees due from citizens and the heirs of the deceased in the cemetery parks on the territory of the city of Vratsa.

For the fulfillment of the obligation of the enterprise to clean the entire area of ​​the cemetery parks, including the grave sites, according to Art. 13 of the Ordinance on the establishment and management of cemetery parks on the territory of the city of Vratsa, there is a need to appoint new employees, and at the same time optimization of the existing staff is carried out.

The proposal is that the position of “organizer of cleaning activities” becomes an “excavator”, and the goal is to service the available mini-excavator owned by the enterprise, by a qualified employee, which in turn will improve working conditions and partially replace heavy manual work with machine work at digging a grave and excavating grave sites.

The functions of the “Organizer cleaning activities”, namely organizing the work of the general workers, will be taken over by the “Organizer TORD”, whose function at the moment is to organize and control the activities of “undertakers” and “conductor of ritual services” in relation to mourning activities and the cemetery parks.

The post of ‘General Labourer’ which is vacant to be transformed into the post of ‘Sweeper’ to bring it to the requirement of the ‘National Classification of Occupations and Occupations’. The report also includes the disclosure of two new positions – “sweeper” and “administrator”. The sweeper is needed in connection with increasing the quality of cleaning of the cemetery parks on the territory of the town of Vratsa, an increase in the personnel involved in this activity in the enterprise is necessary.

The disclosure of the position of “administrator” is necessary due to the introduction of the fee for the annual cleaning of all burial places on the territory of the cemetery parks of the town of Vratsa, which are currently about 17 thousand. The opening of the position is aimed at organizing, processing and optimizing the activity of carrying out the activities of inventory, notification and collection of fees under ZMDT, which have doubled in number over the past four years.

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