FA “Arda 1924” and PFC “Cherno More” shared the first place in the second stage of the Varna Cup 2023

FA “Arda 1924” and PFC “Cherno More” shared the first place in the second stage of the Varna Cup 2023
FA “Arda 1924” and PFC “Cherno More” shared the first place in the second stage of the Varna Cup 2023

The children of “Arda 1924 Football Academy” born in 2015 finished their participation in the second winter edition of “Varna Cup 2023” without defeat! Our boys won all three of their group stage matches in the competition, but unfortunately the final matches had to be canceled due to the state of emergency declared in Varna. In this way, the organizers announced FC “Arda 1924” and PFC “Cherno More” as champions, who shared the first place without playing a final. The coaches and organizers were unanimous that the children’s health comes first and there is no point in taking risks and playing against nature! The remaining seat meetings were also cancelled. The competition was generally for children born in 2013/2014 who do not have enough playing minutes in their teams. However, teams made up of children born in 2015 who were just starting to compete in the F7 format also had the option to participate. In the eight-team competition, our teams competed against teams from PFC “Cherno More” Varna, PFC “Danube” Ruse, PFC “Dobrudzha” Dobrich and the hosts from FC “Grand Pro” Varna. It was the children born in 2015 of Arda 1924 FC and Cherno More FC that reached the final, which was unfortunately not played. Coaches Blagovest Sarev, Sarandis Glabadanidis and Yanko Yanev led two teams, and the tournament can be summarized as more than useful for both of our teams. One of the two teams was mainly made up of guys with less playing minutes born in 2014/2015 and the kids there can be satisfied with the enough playing time during the tournament and their effort and desire to play was more than impressive. The other team made up of children, set 2015, in addition to a good game, can also boast of three victories against their opponents and also gained invaluable experience that will help them in future matches in the new format for them. Our boys at the end of the tournament were delighted by the organizers with a cup, medals and statuettes for the best player. The hosts had provided great conditions for the young footballers and their parents, for which we sincerely thank you! Here are the names of the children born from 2014 to 2016 who represented the academy by the sea with dignity: Alex Myumyun(B), Emir Apturakhman(B), Stoycho Rakshiev(B), Valentin Pushev, Valeri Hadjiyski, Anatoli Tatarov, Ryuzgyar Khalil, Alex Arabadzhiev(K ), Varisdeep Singh, Ege Mehmed, Emil Kolev, Momchil Momchilov, Yasin Salif and Danail Sarev(K). The management of “Arda 1924 Football Academy” thanks the organizers for the warm welcome and comfort they provide during the tournaments of the “Varna Cup” chain and congratulates their boys for the performance! Thanks from the management of the school go to all the coaches for the correctness and collegiality during the entire tournament!

This was announced by the Football Academy “Arda 1924”-Kardzhali.

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