The woman beaten with a metal rod in front of bTV: I fear for my life


After a brutal beating with a metal rod on a woman from Blagoevgrad, Stefka Terziyska continues to live in fear. She was attacked in early October, in broad daylight, in front of her home in the city center.

Stefka accuses her ex-husband, the Greek businessman Ioannis Kozas, of being the guarantor of the attempt, who was arrested a week ago for driving under the influence of drugs, and weapons and over 3,000 ammunition were found in his home.

“After his arrest, we were hopeful that things were starting to happen and action was being taken against this man. But after less than 24 hours he was released,” Stefka said on the “This Morning” show.

“This was a huge shock for us. Should we expect him to do something even more cruel to us? How do we know he doesn’t have any more guns that haven’t been found and can’t come shoot us? The fear for us has increased even more,” she pointed out.

“I’m afraid for my life,” said the victim categorically.

According to her, their concerns regarding the investigation are because they do not have any information and that she was not called for additional questioning after the one at the hospital after the beating.

According to him, the fact that they were not called in for questioning was because his father always had connections with the police at high levels in Blagoevgrad and Sofia. “I hope it’s not this, but a month and a half after the accident my mother has not been assigned a forensic examination,” said her son Kostya Kozas.

“I’m worried they might give him a suspended sentence.” It is normal that he collected blood during the search, but the documents he presents about his state of health are incorrect. He went to research in America, where they proved that he did not have cancer, as he claimed. This is not a good reason not to bring charges against him and not bring him to trial,” Stefka pointed out.


“Two years ago I filed a complaint against him because in a moment of emotion he pulled out a weapon and pointed it at me. I filed a complaint but nothing happened. There was no valid reason for issuing a restraining order,” said Kostya.

“I hope the institutions are working and have pushed him to the wall. But this means that he is worried, and when he is worried, we are also worried,” he pointed out.

“It is obvious that the acts committed by him are being covered up,” the victim’s son was categorical.

At the beginning of December, a new big protest in her support is being prepared, which will aim to wake up the institutions.

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