A Plovdiv woman caused a discussion after expressing dissatisfaction with a noisy renovation

A Plovdiv woman caused a discussion after expressing dissatisfaction with a noisy renovation
A Plovdiv woman caused a discussion after expressing dissatisfaction with a noisy renovation
A Plovdiv woman complained about repair work on Sunday at noon. In the Facebook group “Spotted in Kyuchka”, the woman published an angry post about the work of the builders regarding the construction of the Southern bypass collector, it was found out Plovdiv24.bg. Here’s what it’s all about:

The outrages on “Alexander Stamboliyski” Blvd. continue in full force every day. And I don’t know how some people admire how hard people worked!!! Ok, let’s do something, but in normal times.

Repair work started at 6:40am today (Sunday). Just between 14:00 and 16:00 the windows of the entire block were shaking as if there was an earthquake. Accordingly, my child woke up!!!

But, look, if a neighbor decides at that time (I emphasize Sunday – between 14:00 and 16:00) to do repairs or turn up the music, or his dog barks, he will immediately be accused of violating public order, and a fine can take away!

Tell me, what exactly is commendable about these renovations at this time, because I also read many laudatory posts?

Plovdiv residents, however, praise the workers:

“This renovation should have been finished a long time ago! And don’t be upset that they are working on Sundays – it’s even commendable that they are working to finish it faster (possibly). This outrageous traffic, these businesses that are literally doomed, see insignificant?”

“They chase deadlines because they miss and have a penalty under the European programs. And I live next to the break under the station, they work non-stop, but.. this is the situation…”

“I have a 4-month-old grandson, he was at home, we live right on the boulevard and the mining site at the moment, but let’s have a little patience. That those with the motorbikes at 3 in the morning are the big trouble, not to mention the companies that are all summer they were drinking at Luxor’s 24/7.. write and protest against that.”

“Best to winterize the site and continue in July when we’ll be at sea. But that’s frivolous! We all put up with this kind of inconvenience, but it’s time for it to end.”

However, this is what the woman replied:

My family gets noticed if they listen to music at 11:00 in the morning or 20:00 in the evening. When my husband and I don’t whisper at 8:30 p.m., it’s drama. If I’m cleaning the bathroom grout, I get a warning tap. If my dog ​​barks at the doorbell, it’s drama! Do you know what minor noises I’m talking about? And here we are talking about sounds that resemble earthquake tremors while my child is sleeping? And then the regulations were for everyone?! This is what I am outraged about!

It lasted for many months and the repairs are always done during the peak traffic periods. This section in a developed country will be ready in exactly two weeks, without having to endure “earthquakes” on weekends!

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