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Kostadin the voivode is no longer saving the people, but his lands from Grigorova

Kostadin the voivode is no longer saving the people, but his lands from Grigorova
Kostadin the voivode is no longer saving the people, but his lands from Grigorova

Everyone has something to brag about in these local elections. GERB remained the first force, PP-DB took key cities, DPS – its own. BSP increased the number of mayors in regional centers, and even ITN and “Bulgarski Vozhod” got one. However, there is an exception – “Revival”. The vote was a huge failure for the third parliamentary force. It can only boast of Borovan – where women draw on the ballots, and the new mayor from “Vazrazhdane” is a long-time chairman of the municipal council from GERB; cut off from his party, a moment before registration recognizes a new one.

Kostadin Kostadinov’s formation is, of course, still new. In only her second local elections, she significantly increased the number of municipal councilors, there are village mayors – it is formally a success. But well below the “third power in the country” brand and ambitions. Kostadin Kostadinov does not hide – he wants to rule the country. In the party program, things worthy of a future ruler of the Balkans have always stood at the forefront. For example: “Macedonia is the second Bulgarian state on the Balkan Peninsula and Vazrazhdane works for the unification of the two Bulgarian state formations in one common state”.

Who will unite them – the mayor of Borovan?

Kostadinov needs a wave, a powerful recognition of the “Revival” of the Bulgarian people. Well then…

In one or two public appearances after the vote, he revealed his bitterness – the people groaned under burdens and pains, but did not run after Kostadin the voivode. The noises and the beech trees make noise like in the old song, but the people – asleep (when will it finally hit the head of this people that the song, which Kostadinov himself sings with Tsoncho Ganev periodically, is a sign from above – the text clearly indicates who will save Bulgaria from the torments – and there should be no mourning! ). But before this so clearly drawn future comes true, let’s still dwell on the small topic of today. Two things are important. The first is common knowledge: as long as everything in the universe according to the values ​​of “Revival” begins and ends with the leader, the party will hardly prosper. It is true that only mediocrity can be noticed near him, but the people

Kostadinov chose them himself, no one else – so that they would idolize him.

Second, in these local elections, “Vazrazhdane” did not massively show sociability towards the other formations – it did not look for friends, alliances, common candidacies. She took a stand alone against all. But the lonely person is not only doomed if people recognize him, but whether the recognition came true. Besides, an interesting metamorphosis is noticeable in the political path of the leader. While he was only a local factor, he changed friends, lists and coalitions (Krasen Kralev, NFSB, “Ataka”, the “doctoral” group in the Varna municipal council…). As it became a national factor through

the party-kingdom

lived self-sufficiently. With such tactics, Macedonia will hardly be annexed, Krivodol at most.

One or two other post-election appearances of Kostadinov are also interesting. They were criticisms of Vanya Grigorova. And here we are already entering a topic concerning future processes beyond “Revival”. But before we dwell on his relationship with Grigorova, a little clarification about her: she is a fiery person, with political dreams, and also sublime notions about herself – that she has a mission –

to put the working class out of its misery

He also has the ability to please a lot of people – a rare skill in our politics. That is, it is similar to Kostadinov, except that instead of the people, it is about saving the class. But there is also one difference in the rich mythology. Grigorova is a very sincere, almost maniacal Russophile. And Kostadinov, although he plowed two years in this field, simply uses Russophilism as a springboard (along with anti-vaxxers earlier). Grigorova successfully concealed her thoughts and feelings towards Russia (even more towards Ukraine) in the campaign. But Kostadinov knew her long before the mayoral campaign. He is aware that a clash with her is coming for his electorate so far.

And what did he do? Well, he didn’t support her in the runoff, of course. And then, even more naturally (we come to the mentioned post-election appearances), he attacked her with not some arbitrary, but a precisely defined toolkit – she was a project like PP, the Bulgarian media were American, but she paraded widely in them, therefore… Grigorova is American project. Kostadinov even said that she appeared on purpose to fail “Vazrazhdane”. The former candidate for mayor responded that if Kostadinov did not support her in the second round, then he collaborated with the assembly. Both of them are talking complete nonsense. It’s just that Russophilism enters the fields with a second plow – and the first clods of dirt fly.

All this would not have come to this if the capital elections had not turned into a football drama, in which Grigorova narrowly lost, showing qualities for a career. Future passions would be smaller, and, despite its success, “Revival” had also achieved good results. But

after Borovan turned out to be a jewel in the crown,

Kostadinov smoothly began to diversify Bulgaria’s rescue by saving “Vazrazhdane” from Grigorova.

By the way, the former candidate for mayor became famous after the election with obscene words. One time he wrote them on Facebook, the second time he spoke them on television, the third time he wrote them. In this way, it itself limits the intellectual and general cultural field of the eventual working class following on its heels. Most likely, stargazer has turned her head – and then with a few reverse turns to come back down to the ground – if she wants to succeed. As for Kostadinov, he will have to think of a new springboard topic – vaccines have not been a problem for a long time, and Russia is not winning in Ukraine to usher in a new world order, with him personally in the middle as the king of Bulgaria.

In general, the relationship between Kostadinov and Grigorova is not as significant as Boyko Borisov – Delyan Peevski – Kiril Petkov. But they are also interesting. They should be monitored. If you get popcorn, you won’t go wrong.

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