Not only drivers in Plovdiv break the law

Not only drivers in Plovdiv break the law
Not only drivers in Plovdiv break the law
Plovdiv residents acquire new special skills, namely to see pedestrian paths where there really are none.

the team of saw a video on the Tik Tok social network in which several pedestrians were filmed crossing a red light or an unmarked place.

The clip was filmed at the intersection of Tsar Boris Treti Obedinitel Blvd. in the direction of Tsanko Dyustabanov St. a few days ago.

At first, it shows a woman running on the footpath, and the cars around her are moving. The traffic light for them is green, which should therefore be red for her.

The driver managed to see her in time and fortunately we did not witness another traffic accident at this intersection.

Immediately afterwards, the driver encounters a new disturbing sight – a couple crossing in the middle of the road, colliding with another speeding man who has his back to oncoming cars.

It can be seen from the video that there is no footpath at the particular place and they are all violating the traffic rules.

Worryingly, the man in the yellow sweatshirt doesn’t even look around to see if there’s a car nearby and could cause an accident.

the team of very often publishes material related to gross violations of drivers. This time we want to appeal to the citizens crossing and advise them to use the places marked for this, and not to further complicate the already heavy traffic in the city.

The comment below the video is extremely indicative of the situation:

“Playing lotto with life.”

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