Traffic policeman of the year Mario Markov: I am motivated by people’s gratitude!


Mario Markov from the team of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Gabrovo is the winner of the “Road Policeman of the Year 2023” prize. And together with his colleague Elizar Iliev, with head ch. Insp. Nikolay Simeonov, ranked first in the “General Team Ranking”.

In the competition, which took place on November 18 at the Maritime Station in Burgas, 29 men’s and 4 women’s teams competed, and according to the regulations, the host directorate participated with two teams. They competed in the disciplines of Theoretical Training, First Aid Theory and Practice, Shooting, Car Mastery, Motorcycle Mastery and First Aid Practical Exam. .

Elizar Iliev ranked first in the disciplines “Shooting with a pistol” and “Providing medical aid to road accident victims” and third place in the “Theoretical exam for specialized training”.

Mario Markov took second place in the discipline “Car driving” and third place in “Providing medical assistance to victims of road accidents”.

The team of the Gabrovo Directorate ranked first in the “General Team Ranking”.

Last year, Mario Markov and Elizar Iliev won second and third place in the National Competition “Traffic Policeman of the Year – 2022”, Mario Markov and Elizar Iliev from ODMVR-Gabrov won the general team ranking. Elizar Iliev from ODMVR – Gabrovo showed the best result in “Theoretical preparation”. The awards of the winners were presented at a ceremony attended by the director of the National Academy of Sciences, Ch. commissioner Atanas Ilkov, the head of the “Road Police”, GDNP commissioner Dimitar Michev, the director of ODMVR-Burgas senior commissioner Emil Pavlov, Dr. Nadezhda Todorovska from the BCHK and Maria Lazarova from the DABDP.

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