A huge plumbing emergency flooded the Institute of Food Preservation in Plovdiv


A huge plumbing emergency flooded the yard, warehouses and cellars at the “Institute of Food Preservation and Quality – Plovdiv”. This was signaled by the enterprise to our media.

According to the workers, the accident started on November 8, and since then it has been repeatedly reported to the waterworks, but so far there has been no response.

We only get excuses that they have a lot of work, that there are no people and what not. This is potable water and besides ruining a lot of equipment and materials, it goes through our water meter. As a result of the accident, the pavement in the yard was also undermined. At one of the calls we were even told that they were not an Ambulance and that there were many accidents to fix all over the city“, the institute told TrafficNews.

We have also called the head of plumbing and emergency services, engineer Pavlin Tsanov, who either hangs up or does not pick up the phone“, added the IKKH-Plovdiv.

The “Institute of Food Preservation and Quality” hopes that, with the help of our media, the problem will be resolved more quickly.

From TrafficNews we contacted the spokesperson of the Waterworks Engineer Anton Galabov, who said that it was an accident after the water meter node and that it was not in their competence in general. However, he assured that the company will deal with its removal as the site is of great public importance.

A team will be sent tomorrow and the accident will be fixed as soon as possible“, Eng. Anton Galabov also said.

Most likely, the costs of the repair will be at the expense of the institute.

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