They are also renovating the Second High School –

They are also renovating the Second High School –
They are also renovating the Second High School –

Another project of the Municipality of Targovishte for the renovation of a school building has been approved for financing under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan (RSP).

This is the project for the renovation of II SU “Prof. Nikola Marinov”.

Initially, the school was included in the list of reserve project proposals under the program for the modernization of the educational infrastructure under PVU. However, the Municipality of Targovishte received an invitation to conclude a financing contract.

The planned repairs under the project amount to BGN 4.26 million.

The activities include installation of external thermal insulation, replacement of windows, repair of the roof and the various installations. Construction of a photovoltaic installation and complete repair of the heating system are planned. The gym will also be renovated. The construction of a bathroom for disabled people is also planned.

In November, the public contract for engineering for the project to repair II SU was announced. Such orders were also announced for the I SU “St. Seventh-graders”, and III OU “P. R. Slaveikov”, which are approved under the same program. “Ivan Vazov” IV Primary School is on the list of reserve proposals. At the end of October, the approval of the project for the repair of Kindergarten No. 2 “Osmi March” was confirmed.

At the moment of administration, it has signed the contracts for the financing of the I SU and III OU.

Renovations will be able to start after completion of all administrative procedures and after receipt of the necessary funds in the local administration.

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