Protest in Veliko Tarnovo against violence against women

Protest in Veliko Tarnovo against violence against women
Protest in Veliko Tarnovo against violence against women

Veliko Tarnovo will speak out against violence against women and gender-based violence with a protest and march that will start in front of the Courthouse on November 25 at 5 p.m. For another year, the events, which will also cover other cities in Bulgaria, will be held under the title “None more!”.
The protesters will continue to raise the alarm about the increasing cases of domestic and gender-based violence and will demand immediate action from Bulgarian institutions to address physical, sexual, psychological, economic and structural violence. Among the requested measures are the making of targeted efforts against the daily increasing institutional violence, homophobic and transphobic attacks on LGBTI+ children and women, the revision of the serious gaps in the legislation regarding the provision of the human rights to a dignified life of trans and intersex people in Bulgaria, as well as taking measures to protect the bodily autonomy of adolescent children and young people.
“Feminist Mobilizations”, which are the main organizer of the protests in the country, point out that the changes adopted earlier this year in the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence and the Criminal Code exclude the right of LGBTI+ people to seek protection from domestic and gender-based violence, and the period of 60 days, which refers to the duration of the relationship between two people in the newly adopted definition of “intimate relationship” in the ЗЗДН, does not in any way satisfy the requests for facilitation and immediate protection of people who are in abusive relationship. According to unofficial statistics, at least 20 women have lost their lives as a result of domestic or gender-based violence since the beginning of 2023, and thousands of others are subjected to harassment, violence, persecution and humiliation by their abusers on a daily basis, according to Feminist Mobilizations.
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