Municipal councilors in Burgas distributed the vice-presidents and committees

Municipal councilors in Burgas distributed the vice-presidents and committees
Municipal councilors in Burgas distributed the vice-presidents and committees

The municipal council in Burgas already has its vice-presidents.

After Mikhail Hadjiyanev was elected chairman at the last meeting, today Dimcho Grudev from GERB, Zhivko Tabakov from BURG, Stoyan Todorov from KOD-Bulgarski Vozhod, Alexander Koychev from Vazrazhdane, Martin Krastev from PP-DB, Madeleine Mutafyan from BSP.

Ivan Ivanov from the SEC was also nominated, but he did not receive enough support.

The lack of enough seats next to the chairman, 3 in number, will require the vice-chairmen to rotate and each meeting to decide who will sit next to Hadjiyanev.

At today’s meeting, chairmen, deputy chairmen and the members of the standing committees of the Municipal Council, which will be 18, were also elected.

Standing Committee on Budget and Finance – Chairman Ivan Nenkov

Standing Committee on Legal Affairs – Chairman Ivo Baev

Standing Committee on Economy and Investment Policies – Chairman Todor Yosifov

Standing Committee on Science, Innovations and Operational Programs – Chairman Sevdalina Turmanova

Standing Committee on Public Order and Security – Chairman Dimcho Grudev

Standing Committee on Education and Religions – Chairman Stanimir Baev

Standing Committee on Health Care – Chairman Lydia Stefanova

Standing Committee on Social Activities – Chairman Diyan Gospodinov

Standing Committee on Sports, Children and Youth Activities – Chairman Krasimir Kaludov

Standing Committee on Transport and Traffic Safety – Chairman Evelina Mikhaleva

Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs and Fisheries – Chairman Madeleine Mutafyan

Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Food – Chairman Stoyan Grozev

Standing Committee on Territorial Planning – chairman Bencho Benchev

Standing Committee on Municipal Property, Municipal Enterprises and Companies – Chairman Georgi Drakaliev

Standing Committee on International Cooperation and Relations with Civil Society – Chairman Todor Ivanov

Standing Committee on Culture and Community Activities – Chairman Todor Angelov

Standing Committee on Tourism – Chairman Zhivko Tabakov

Standing Committee on Establishing Conflicts of Interest – Chairman Hristina Hadjiatanasova

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