Renovation works are also being completed on “Bratsigovo” street in Pleven – Pleven press

Renovation works are also being completed on “Bratsigovo” street in Pleven – Pleven press
Renovation works are also being completed on “Bratsigovo” street in Pleven – Pleven press

Renovation works on “Bratsigovo” street in Pleven are ending this week, repairs are also progressing on “Mitropolit Kliment” street. The latter is divided into a southern and a northern part /towards “Grenadirska” street/, where asphalting is to be done. Efforts are also being made on “Pierre Curie” Street. All three objects are included in the Investment Program of the Municipality of Pleven for 2023, the information reported at the weekly operational meeting of the management of the local administration Eng. Vladislav Ivanov, Deputy Mayor “Territorial Development” of the Municipality of Pleven.

Eng. Ivanov specified that there are seven streets in Pleven scheduled for major repairs this year, two of them have already been completed – “Gurgulyat” Street and the main reconstruction of the section of “Kara Kolyu” Street in the Industrial Zone of Pleven . A small part of “Kara Kolyu” street will remain for completion next year, which will completely close this site.

The amount pledged in advance for the repair of “Iztochna” street in Pleven is less than the actual value of the repair works, added Eng. Ivanov, he also explained the details of the planned repair of “Doiran” street. “In the Investment Program, “Doiran” is recorded as an object for the relocation of a pedestrian path. In fact, it is not only a question of displacement, but also of upgrading the area in the section from “Doiran” street to “Vasil Levski” street. Construction of a parking lot and green areas is planned.

Regarding the ongoing repairs, Eng. Ivanov also informed that of the 2,500,000 BGN set for the annual task, 20,000 BGN remained. It is planned that they will be used to complete the repair works on the road in both directions of the overpass of the village of Opanec to the Glass Factory .

Of the 10 sections of the municipal road network set to be repaired this year, only two remain in operation. This is the road to the village of Pelishat, which is also the longest – 22 kilometers. The section is almost ready, all that remains is tamping, which is expected to be completed by the end of this week. The second object is the road through “Kailaka” park and laying of the markings on the road to the village of Kushin.

Text and photo: Press Center – Pleven Municipality

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