The Grumpy Goat opera will capture the attention of children

The Grumpy Goat opera will capture the attention of children
The Grumpy Goat opera will capture the attention of children

The children’s opera “The Grumpy Goat” is suitable for children over 3 years old. It will be played on November 24 and December 15 at 10 a.m. In our folklore there is the tale “Klan-nedoklan”, later talentedly retold by the writer Ran Bosilek, pseudonym of Gencho Negentsov (1886-1958). He is a poet and translator. He combines the rare gift of lyricism and prose. His large volume of work for children is presented in dozens of separate editions and collections: Collection “Klan-nedoklan” (1948), Collection “Kose-Bose” (1923), book “Unborn Maiden” (1926), collection “Kuma Lisa” (1926), “Sisters of Max and Moritz” (1943), “Zayu Bayu” (1931), etc.

For the stage of the Sofia Opera, the music of “The Goat Surditko” was written by the composer Yuli Damyanov. The tale is distinguished by a lot of mood and folklore motifs, similar to the folk tale “Klan – Nedoklan”. The story is about how fraud is sooner or later exposed and punished. Whether the Grumpy Goat learns a lesson, the little viewers will see and judge for themselves during the action.

“Who is the Grumpy Goat, whose reputation is not very good? He is clan – uncut, he is scraped – uncut, roasted – unbaked, eaten – uneaten, his horns – spiked, his teeth – chiselled. He manages to frighten everyone and cheats, but, as happens in fairy tales, in the end he gets what he deserves and is punished. The story is not about some terrible beast, but about a cunning goat named Grumpy”.

The conductor is Stefan Nedyalkov

The director is Yulia Krasteva

Artist – Boryana Angelova


Alexandra Nosikova, Rada Toteva, Anna Vutova, Alexandra Georgieva, Plamen Grandzhan, Silvana Prvcheva, Georgi Dzhanov, Anton Radev, Nikolay Pavlov, Kalin Dushkov, Yuliana Todorova and others.

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