Bansko and Yakoruda are still looking for someone to clean them in the winter, Blagoevgrad’s “Raster Yug” and the company of former councilor Zh. Koemdzhiev take over Petrichko – Vestnik STRUMA

Bansko and Yakoruda are still looking for someone to clean them in the winter, Blagoevgrad’s “Raster Yug” and the company of former councilor Zh. Koemdzhiev take over Petrichko – Vestnik STRUMA
Bansko and Yakoruda are still looking for someone to clean them in the winter, Blagoevgrad’s “Raster Yug” and the company of former councilor Zh. Koemdzhiev take over Petrichko – Vestnik STRUMA

The Blagoevgrad company “Raster Yug” OOD of Radoslav Kostov and Anton Murtov, and the pet company “Zhivel Energy” OOD of the former municipal councilor Zhivko Koemdzhiev and his son Asen received the winter maintenance of the roads in the municipality of Petrich during the upcoming and next winter season.

On Friday, when the first snow fell in the country, the contractor selection commission announced the results of the public procurement, divided due to the size of the municipality into 3 separate positions – for the street network of the town of Petrich, for the municipal road network in the Podgorski and Marikostin districts and for the roads in Ograzhdenski.

“Raster Yug” will clean Petrich and the Ograzhden district by 2025, Podgorski and Marikostinski remained for “Zhivel Energy”. The two companies will receive a total of BGN 540,000 excluding VAT for their activities.

Petrich is already ready for the winter, which is generally milder and snowless there, but Bansko is not yet. Here, the public procurement with an estimated value of BGN 145,000 excluding VAT was opened quite late – only on November 7, and is still ongoing the deadline for submission of offers. The area is quite difficult in winter conditions, and the order is divided into 3 separate positions – for cleaning the roads between the villages, for cleaning the municipal road Bansko – Shiligarnika – Banderishka Polyana, and for winter maintenance of the road Dobrinishte – “Gotse Delchev” hut. If there is an appeal against the choice of the contractor before the CPC, this could seriously hinder the municipality in welcoming the thousands of tourists who flock here this season.

She is still looking for who will clean her roads and the municipality of Yakoruda. For the service, the state transferred BGN 93,500 excluding VAT to the budget. Offers will be submitted until November 27.

And Satovcha has a problem – not a single candidate appeared here to clear snow and sand with salted sand 52 km of inter-village roads, as well as access streets to schools, childcare facilities, health services, cemetery parks, bus stops, squares, etc., or 2 km each in the 14 settlements of the municipality.

The proposed BGN 138,500 without VAT did not entice any contractor, and last month the mayor Arben Mimenov was forced to terminate the order. A new one has not yet been announced.

Blagoevgrad Municipality solved the winter cleaning problem already in July, when it announced an order for BGN 746,919.98 excluding VAT. The impressive sum will be received by the only participant “Stilstroy-M” OOD of Mikhail Kambitov, who submitted an offer only BGN 200 below the estimated price.

The municipality of Sandanski also placed a summer order, which for this and the next winter season will guarantee the dryness of its streets in winter conditions for BGN 1,234,250 excluding VAT. “Road maintenance Sandanski” EOOD with manager Krasimir Dukov was appointed as the contractor, after the commission removed “BKS Chistota” EOOD from Varna for failure to provide information.

The municipality of Simitli, which already last season chose a company to clean the roads until 2024, should face the winter without any problems. For BGN 439,800, the activity was entrusted to the local “Georesurs” EOOD with manager Mario Pavlov.

In January this year The municipality of Strumyani approached the upcoming winter quite responsibly by releasing a fairly extensive order, including the preparation of winter maintenance plans, technical inspections of the machinery and equipment requested for use, preparation of roads for operation in winter conditions, provision of the necessary materials, etc. as well as patrol and periodic snow cleaning of the roads, clearing of snowbanks, drifts and snowdrifts and removal of compacted snow and ice layers. The estimated value was BGN 130,000 excluding VAT. One company appeared – “DG Stroy” OOD of Georgi Chervenkov from the village of Mikrevo, which won it with an offer of BGN 130,000 excluding VAT.

The mayor of Belica, Radoslav Revanski, has innovatively decided to find a contractor for the contract for winter maintenance of the municipality at the beginning of each term, so that the annual commitment does not burden him. The last performer has a commitment to this winter season as well.

The winter maintenance of Razlog municipality is also under a 3-year contract. Mayor Krasimir Gerchev announced that the municipality has already started stocking up on salt and does not expect any problems, no matter how severe the upcoming winter may be. Razlog’s contract runs until March 31, 2025 and was won by Atanas Stoychev’s local “PIB Services-08” EOOD.

Gerchev’s colleague in Gotse Delchev – Vladimir Moskov, relies entirely on the municipal enterprise “Communal Services”, which has been taking care of the municipality in the winter for years.


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