Celebrates the Third Brigade Command in Blagoevgrad

Celebrates the Third Brigade Command in Blagoevgrad
Celebrates the Third Brigade Command in Blagoevgrad

A celebration of the Third Brigade Command was held on the square “G. Izmirliev” in Blagoevgrad. The holiday is double – the anniversary of the establishment of the Ground Forces in Bulgaria on November 19, and of the military formation, the successor of the glorious 14th Macedonian Infantry Regiment.

Guests of the celebration were senior military officers, the regional governor Maria Dimova, the chairman of the Municipal Council Radoslav Taskov, heads of the police, the fire department, many guests.

The commander, Colonel Mitko Baltov, greeted the servicemen who marched through the square in a solemn march.

The celebration continued in the “Yavorov” hall, where a solemn meeting-concert dedicated to the holiday of the Third Brigade Command took place.

Colonel Mitko Baltov distinguished over 100 servicemen and presented certificates of merit.

He also saluted the military personnel. “The fact that we are the heirs of the glorious 14th Macedonian infantry regiment, and of a unit with traditions, places great demands and responsibilities on all of us to continue and preserve the bequeathed virtues of our ancestors,” said Baltov.

He thanked all fighters who defend the honor of the homeland and emphasized the three missions of the Bulgarian Army: protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Bulgaria, support of international peace and security, and protection of the population in the event of disasters and accidents.

The “Pirinche” Dance Ensemble from the Center for Personal and Creative Development of Children of Blagoevgrad took care of the mood of the attendees.

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