The abductees will be back safe and sound by the New Year

The abductees will be back safe and sound by the New Year
The abductees will be back safe and sound by the New Year

The clairvoyant Sonya Shtereva from Gorna Oryahovitsa, who is the mother-in-law of the assistant captain of the hijacked ship in the Red Sea, is adamant that the crew members are fine and will return alive and well

She wanted to make this prediction public to reassure everyone who is worried about the lives and health of the abductees.

The 39-year-old brother-in-law of Shtereva-Danail Veselinov from Gorna Oryahovitsa is one of the two Bulgarian citizens who remained captive of the rebels in Yemen.

The vessel was hijacked on Sunday.

“They will be released sooner than expected. Although I see a good way out of the crisis, I and my daughter are very bad,” shared Sonya Shtereva through tears.

She claims that the abduction was not accidental.

“The hijackers have nothing against the ship’s crew, but there is a political reason for the hijacking. However, I don’t want to dig too much in that direction. I would also like to tell the relatives of the other kidnapped Bulgarian that our boys will be home by the New Year. This will happen within two or three weeks. The authorities in Bulgaria are doing everything necessary to release the crew. Other countries have also joined in rescuing the abducted and they will return unharmed,” Sonia Shtereva predicted.

She revealed that when her son-in-law went on this voyage, she sensed something bad was going to happen and warned him to be careful.

“I told him: ‘You change 3-4 planes, hopefully there will be no problem.’ I saw numbers and told him not to board a flight with that number. However, when they showed the ship on TV, I noticed the numbers 191 written on the vessel and realized that they had appeared in my vision,” Sonia Shtereva is categorical.

The Ministry of the Interior has informed the relatives of the man from Gorno Oryahov, offered psychological help and any other kind of support that the family needs.

The man from the railway town ended up on board with the help of a company from Varna, which hired him and the other Bulgarian to work on the vessel. Together with the natives, the crew includes a total of about 25 people from Mexico, Romania, Ukraine and the Philippines.

The vehicle is owned by an Israeli businessman who founded a company in Great Britain, which in turn leased it to a Japanese company.

The ship was sailing from Turkey to India, carrying cars. It is 189.2 m long and 32.29 m wide.

The Houthis in Yemen claimed responsibility for the abduction through a Telegram message. It reads: “The Yemeni armed forces conducted a military operation in the Red Sea that led to the capture of an Israeli ship. He was brought to the Yemeni coast. The Yemeni armed forces are treating the ship’s crew in accordance with the teachings and values ​​of our Islamic religion.”


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