Students from RU “Angel Kanchev” – Silistra branch learned career planning skills


Center for career guidance – Silistra organizes a training with students on the topic “Skills for career planning” (2023). The training was prepared and implemented by Stella Pavlova – a career consultant and consisted of two workshops, in which students from the third and fourth year, specializing in the field of education, participated.

The aim of the training was to help students develop and upgrade their career planning skills by providing them with the opportunity to:

feel themselves as future professionals
realize their motivation for working in the field of education
understand how and why a person’s personal style relates to how they perform activities in a work environment
get information about what a professional characteristic of a teacher contains and what will be required of them in the future
In the first workshop, students worked in groups and individually, using different methods and tools for self-knowledge and self-assessment. They were introduced to the concept of professional identity and examined various aspects of the professional role of the educator. They also discussed their strengths and weaknesses, interests and values ​​related to career choices.

In the second workshop, students focused on how and why they choose a professional environment as their own, using the balance model of life roles and the values ​​that guide them professionally. They received up-to-date guidelines on how to prepare a CV in a modern version and how to prepare and behave during a job interview for the position of “teacher” and not only.

The training was filled with many practical moments and freedom of sharing, which contributed to the exchange of experience, opinions and concerns about what is new in the professional field of future teachers. In the end, it became clear that a balance of looking for a work environment that suits our needs, skills and value system would always lead to good professional results.

Center for career guidance expresses its thanks to Assoc. Dr. Rumiana Lebedova – director of the Silistra branch for the joint organization and the opportunity to popularize the activities of CKO – Silistra among the students in our city.

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