Seniors excelled in the “What would I do for my Vidin” essay contest


From left to right – Anelia Kirilova, Teya Tosheva and Mihaela Mihailova

Photo: Radio Vidin

“What would I do for my Vidin” was the theme of the essay contest dedicated to the spiritual holiday of Vidin, Dimitrovden.

The jury verdict first place for the essay of Mihaela Mihailova from the “Yordan Radichkov” PGCE in the regional town. The love for native Vidin is the basis of the essay.

“All I have to do is love Vidin, love it enough to come back,” wrote Michaela, who plans to enroll to study linguistics with French:

“I liked the topic, it was quite relevant… I started from a literary point of view, I start with how to love it as a city… First of all – to love our city, that’s the most important…”

Hristiana Ivanova from PPMG “Exarch Antim I” in Vidin ranked second in the competition. Christiana likes to write poetry and prose. Her love for writing led her to her decision to apply for a major in “Journalism” or “PR and Communications”.

“It was a pleasure for me to write about this topic… I have thought about the topic and I have a lot to write about, I like to write about my city, I like to describe my city… For me, Vidin is my heart, here is everything that I love it, I see it sunny and full of very kind and responsive people… What our city lacks is youth, it’s young thinking, colorful look… I’m glad that many young people are coming back to our city.. . My dream is for Vidin to have more meeting places and clubs for young people, places for young people to develop in various initiatives, sports, debates, crafts, drawing, writing and others.”

Anelia Kirilova from the language high school placed third in the essay competition. According to her, Vidin will survive the centuries if we manage to preserve culture, education and spirituality. The teachers are the ones who motivate Anelia to participate in the competition. She likes to write and work with the word, and therefore her interests are focused on psychology and philosophy:

“This is the first time I challenged myself to write about my hometown… The subject was close to my heart… One should not waste one’s life and I would preserve the memory of my town… I decided to include a historical part about the triangle of tolerance.”

Teja Tosheva, also from the language high school in Vidin, received an incentive award for her essay. She also won a special award for the short story “Beyond the Horizon” on the occasion of the traditional contest dedicated to the patron saint of the State University “Yordan Radichkov”:

“In my essay, I touched on the topic of how Vidin is a center of rich culture, our city has the potential to be a cultural center. I touched on the topic of how important it is for our city to have cultural events organized by young people…”

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