The children’s play “Ian Bibian” premiered in the Veliko Tarnovo theater: RegNews.NET

The children’s play “Ian Bibian” premiered in the Veliko Tarnovo theater: RegNews.NET
The children’s play “Ian Bibian” premiered in the Veliko Tarnovo theater: RegNews.NET

The incredible prankster Jan Bibiyan, the little devil Fut and the evil magician Mirilailai will come to life on the stage of the Music and Drama Theater “Konstantin Kisimov” in Veliko Tarnovo. Elin Pelin’s beloved characters from the children’s fantasy novel “Jan Bibian” are also the main actors in the new musical performance of MDT. It will be presented to the public for the first time on December 9 /Saturday/ at 11 a.m. in a large hall of the Veliko Tarnovo theater.

“Our performance “Jan Bibian” is an adaptation of the famous work of Elin Pelin. Its extreme popularity is due to the embedded fantastical elements in the narrative and the whimsical fairy-tale characters that children love so much. The main charm is encoded in the image of the disheveled troublemaker Yan Bibian. We will present to the audience his antics, combined with the captivating emotionality of the character,” says the director of the show, Stefan Metodiev, who is the author of the stage adaptation and the lyrics of the songs.

Actors from the drama and music ensembles, as well as the theater’s ballet, take part in the production. In the image of Yan Bibiyan, Boyan Furtsov is reincarnated, as the devil Fut, Tsvetelin Ilchev will appear on the stage, and the evil magician Mirilailai will be played by Kiril Milushev. The new title also stars Nikol Boycheva, Georgi Todorov, Ivaylo Tsachev, Polina Kinova, Paola Boseva, Stefania Arsova, Ginka Neshkova and Yoana Kyordimova.

Petar Atanaschev wrote music especially for the performance “Ian Bibiyan”. The choreography of the dances is by Katya Bogdanova, and the assistant director is Rumyana Atanasova.

The visual perception is helped by the fabulous sets and spectacular costumes of the artist Georgi Petrov, who has been living and working in the Austrian capital Vienna for years. A successful creative collaboration connects him with the Veliko Tarnovo Theater. In the 1990s, he worked on the scenography of a number of iconic titles on the MDT bill. Among them are “The Fairy and the Forest Spirit”, the drama “Nora” by Ibsen, “The Diary of a Madman” by Gogol, “The Confession of Prince Cyril” by Mikhail Topalov, etc.

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