Kaufland introduces a system for scanning products with a phone – News

Kaufland introduces a system for scanning products with a phone – News
Kaufland introduces a system for scanning products with a phone – News

Starting today, Kaufland Bulgaria’s pilot project – K-Scan, which gives customers the opportunity to scan their chosen goods while shopping in the store, saves the time of going through the cash register. Scanning of the items is done with a personal mobile phone or a dedicated handheld scanner before each item is placed in the cart. To pay the final bill, its amount is transferred to the self-service checkout by marking the QR code.

To use the app with a mobile phone, you only need to register with a Kaufland Card, which is scanned at the store entrance. If the customer prefers with the device, handheld scanners are located on site in the stores. The main advantages of the service are that it saves the time of removing the goods at the checkout and that it allows control over the account during the actual shopping.

More information about the K-scan service

“The introduction of K-Scan is the next step on the path of digitization of Kaufland Bulgaria. This innovation is another step we are taking for the benefit of our customers. Through K-SCAN, they can scan their products with their personal mobile phones even as they select their purchases and place them in their carts, saving them the time of checking out one by one. Calculations show that this option can save up to 15 minutes of shopping,” said the executive director of Kaufland Bulgaria, Ivan Chernev.

The pilot project started in two metropolitan hypermarkets of the chain in Bulgaria. Customers of Kaufland – Banishora are the first to have the opportunity to try the new function for digital shopping, and from the end of this week, visitors to Kaufland – Ovcha Kupel will also be able to start marking their purchases themselves during the market. The service will gradually be introduced in other stores of the chain throughout the country.

More information about the K-Scan service

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