They cut the ribbon on the renovated “Revival and Constituent Assembly” museum

They cut the ribbon on the renovated “Revival and Constituent Assembly” museum
They cut the ribbon on the renovated “Revival and Constituent Assembly” museum

The renovated building of the “Revival and Constituent Assembly” museum in V. Tarnovo was opened with a ceremonial water light and ribbon cutting. Renovation works started in September last year and were expected to be completed in April, but unforeseen circumstances delayed the implementation of the project, which is the second to be financed through a financial instrument for the renovation of the building.

“The total value of the project for all these 37 months in which it was implemented is over BGN 3.2 million, of which BGN 2.385 million is European financial aid. About BGN 700 thousand is the financing through the fund of funds through the intermediary for Northern Bulgaria and about BGN 166 thousand own contribution. The change in the budget is the result of the methodological instructions and the construction indexation methodology, taking into account all the reasons, such as inflation and other processes affecting this. On December 18, the final report of the project will be reported,” said Mariela Tsoneva, director of the “Projects and Programs” Directorate in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. During all this time, the contractors were selected, with the main burden of the construction company being to do several basic construction works. One of them is the restoration of the facade, a complete replacement of the windows, a new heating and ventilation system, so that in addition to being a museum, the building can be used for any cultural events that the Regional History Museum has in its annual programs, such as celebrations, occasion of anniversaries of the signing of the Tarnovo Constitution, oath of the national or local parliament, etc., Tsoneva added.

“This building is emblematic not only for V. Tarnovo, but also for Bulgaria, and carries a lot of weight. That’s why all the contractors tried to meet the deadlines and to finish successfully on time, regardless of what it cost us,” commented Tsoneva. According to the project, the interior flooring and cladding were replaced, the interior was renovated and the roof was repaired, and a modern accessible environment was also built so that people with disabilities could access the building. According to a previous project, also financed under the “Regions in Growth” program, modernization of the square space was done, so over time something is constantly being done to refresh and modernize the places of historical importance, not only at the local and national level, Tsoneva emphasized. “Everything that was previously foreseen as construction activities was carried out, so the site has a document for introduction and use. Currently, RIM – V. Tarnovo has the task of returning the expositions that were before the renovation in the building itself, so that by December 18, possibly, this could also happen, so that the Museum can attract and receive visitors in a new, modern and a modern environment,” she added.

The opening of the renovated building was attended by Georgi Kamarashev, deputy mayor of V. Tarnovo, nnzh. Dinko Kechev – Director of the Directorate “Construction and Territorial Planning” in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, Nelina Tsarova, Director of the Directorate “Culture, Tourism and International Activities” in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, Dr. Ivan Tsarov, Director of the Regional History Museum in the Old capital, Father Asen and other representatives of companies and institutions.
The realization of the renovation of the museum is based on a project financed under the Operational Program “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020, and the contractor company – “Geoplan Construction” EOOD, Burgas, which was selected by public procurement.

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