Prof. Kiril Atliev from Plovdiv was showered with thanks after the post of Nedelya Stonova

Prof. Kiril Atliev from Plovdiv was showered with thanks after the post of Nedelya Stonova
Prof. Kiril Atliev from Plovdiv was showered with thanks after the post of Nedelya Stonova

Dozens of people showered warm words and thanks to the head of the Emergency Department at “St. George” UMBAL in Plovdiv, Assoc. Dr. Kiril Atliev, who helped not only them, but also their relatives. This happened after the post of the famous doctor and TV presenter Dr. Nedelya Shtonova, who described in an emotional way on social networks the actions of her colleague when she brought a loved one to him in serious condition.

Here is her story.

“All around on the ground there was blood, there must have been about half a liter … the jet was shooting up from some blood vessel, like a geyser, and the drops were flying everywhere.

It looked like a fiery volcano spewing scarlet lava that rose about a meter above the ground.
At first I wondered, is this arterial blood, is it venous?
But everything happens suddenly, in seconds, with my loved one.
I didn’t pass out.
We ended up in the emergency room.
With Associate Professor Dr. Kiril Atliev – Head of the Emergency Department at St. George University Hospital, Plovdiv.
Big. Bigger. Biggest!
Associate Professor Dr. Kiril Atliev.
A beacon in the dark!
A real doctor. Deep and controlled.
He knows the value of every word.
He works with skill, feels everything and remains extremely cool.
Punctual, human, calm … but also fast … listens, watches, acts, calms all fears, shows an amazing sense of humor … while mastering any urgency.
Absolutely wonderful doctor.
And with a soul.
Thank you, Prof. Atliev.
Be blessed and healthy!
All went well and ended well.
We’re leaving the ER.
On the way out of the hall, I looked at the operating light and listened to what the next patient was saying, while Prof. Atliev was working on his leg:
– Hey, this guy … do you see him …?! – the patient says to me and points to Prof. Atliev. – He is a big deal, God is. Without him, I would have lost my toes, they would have even amputated my leg. I come from Varna. I have been diabetic for many years … I have been a little careless with control … but I have an 8 year old … a baby girl … stay to show her … we have been waiting for her to appear for so many years, We did 3 unsuccessful invitro attempts in Varna, she became pregnant from the fourth … in Tutrakan we did the fourth invitro … and this long-awaited child … will now have a father … with preserved fingers and a preserved limb … thanks only to him – says the man and keeps looking at Prof. Atliev like a faithful puppy – with love, loyalty, pride and amazing adoration – because everywhere else they had written me off … and they were going to amputate my legs ….
In the hospital … you always understand how special life is.
And humanity.
And yes … technology, artificial intelligence and all such coding algorithms and highly developed intelligent platforms are here, conquering us, threatening us, harming us, saying … that one day they will kill us and the human race.
But … while in the world there are Prof. Dr. Kiril Atliev and doctors like him … who … help us find ourselves and our destiny … who give from the heart to the hearts of acquaintances and strangers …
This world will not disappear!
And it will look…
like grandma’s eyes … the most honest eyes in the world …
like roots … full of life and giving birth to a beautiful rainbow of colors
like a six-year-old child … running forward and grasping the starry sky by the hand
like an eagle enveloping her young eaglets … with her warm, wounded wings …
like a wind … that does not bow tamed
like sadness … that smiles and smells of pine, flowers, warm bread and spring
like Kiril Atliev
like a civilization … in which despair does not invade … and hope innocently kneels … but looking up … to the sky, to the stars, to the sun, or to the lamp in the operating room …
… but up!
To the heavenly ways.
And in prayerful gratitude.

An avalanche of thanks followed from appreciative people across the country.

“Respect and bow to the entire team of Dr. Atliev. This young and responsible team. Four years ago on August 10. We arrived with our three-year-old grandson, his arm was completely broken, we were holding it in our hand. We were greeted by three young doctors, they began an operation long dawn. They all covered in sweat saved you, they put the child’s hand together. I don’t know their names. But we thank the whole team for their dedication and attitude towards us. Be blessed! A deep bow,” Zhechka Kultukova wrote.

“That’s what happens when a person is born for this profession, when he does his job with heart and love. Countless are the people he helped. He reached his position with a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication. Thank you Kircho, we love you!” Nedyalka Vangelova added for her part.

“God bless this doctor, his team, you and all doctors who love and give their all for the noble profession and the people!!!”, shared Marieta Ivanova.

Krasimira Gesheva defined Kiril Atliev as the best doctor. She will be grateful to him for the rest of her life. A few years ago he fought hard and saved her father’s leg and his life.

“Thank you, doctor, for your care, attention and humanity!
There are almost no doctors like you anymore!”, wrote Lyubomir Bakardjiev.

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