Winter is near: more cold, snow and low temperatures are coming

Winter is near: more cold, snow and low temperatures are coming
Winter is near: more cold, snow and low temperatures are coming

Cloudiness will increase by the end of the day today and will be more often significant in most of the country. In Eastern Bulgaria, a light wind will blow from the south. The maximum temperatures will be from 11 to 16 degrees.

It will be cloudy at night. Weak rainfall will occur in separate places in the southern and western regions, as well as along the Danube. Precipitation will not be significant. In the Danube plain, a wind will appear from the northeast-north. The minimum temperatures will be from 6 to 11 degrees.

Tomorrow will be cloudy during the day. It will rain in the Danube plain, and rain will fall in the south-western and south-eastern regions, and it is possible to thunder in the Strandzha region. Wind will blow from the northeast, which in Dobruja and Ludogorie will be moderate.

Daytime temperatures will reach from around 9 degrees in the west and north to still 15-16 in the south-eastern areas.

On Thursday, the clouds will be significant, with temporary breaks, the wind will temporarily turn from the west and will be light. Before noon, it is only possible to rain very lightly in isolated places. The minimum temperatures will be from 4 to 9, and the daytime ones will not rise significantly compared to them and will reach 7 to 11-12 degrees.

Friday will be the last day with renewed high temperatures for the end of autumn. The minimum temperatures will remain unchanged, and the daytime temperatures will rise and reach 13 to 18 degrees. Cloud will be variable, but after midday it will increase and thicken from the west and there will be rain in western and northern areas. The wind, which during the day will be from the west-southwest, will reorient itself from the northwest and cold air will begin to invade the country.

On Saturday and Sunday, it will be cloudy over the country, with almost everywhere precipitation and increasingly cold.

Rainfall in the higher parts will turn to snow and a snow cover will form on the high fields to the west. It is also possible in some parts of the lowlands, but expect details about these processes in the coming days.

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