The history of the Stambolovi family in a book

The history of the Stambolovi family in a book
The history of the Stambolovi family in a book

On November 22, 2023, Wednesday, from 5:00 p.m., in the lobby of the Ivan Vazov National Library of Art, there will be a presentation of a book and a photo-documentary exhibition “The Stambolov family – about the path, the spirit and the deeds” with author Daniela Stambolova .

This is the second book that Daniela Stambolova has written about the Plovdiv Stambolov family. In addition to tracing events related to the famous family from its origin to the middle of the 19th century, in her book the author also shows photos, portraits of her ancestors, as well as many items from the family archive – pages from diaries, orders, etc.

Daniela Stambolova tells about the life and spirituality of her great-grandfather Dimitar Stambolov, after whom a street in the city of Plovdiv is named. He also tells about his grandfather Stefan Stambolov – a participant in the Balkan, Inter-Allied and First World Wars, in which he commanded the 14th company of the 9th Plovdiv Regiment in the Battle of Doiran. Daniela’s grandfather is a well-known Plovdiv public figure, intellectual, journalist and lawyer with a great contribution to Plovdiv. After September 9, 1944, he was appointed mayor of Plovdiv, and his appointment was announced on Radio Sofia. However, Stefan Stambolov refused to take the post.

“My grandfather was from that category of intellectuals who had everything a person needed to exist without holding any office,” writes Daniela Stambolova in her book.

Come to the exhibition and presentation of Daniela Stambolova’s book, which will also show original documents from the personal family archive only during the meeting.

The exhibition will remain at Ivan Vazov Bank until the beginning of December.

Entrance to the event is free!

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