In just 20 days: Over 4,400 counterfeit goods were detained at Ruse Customs – Ruse

In just 20 days: Over 4,400 counterfeit goods were detained at Ruse Customs – Ruse
In just 20 days: Over 4,400 counterfeit goods were detained at Ruse Customs – Ruse
They detained more than 4,400 counterfeit goods of Ruse Customs during inspections during the first 20 days of November.

Different types of vehicles were checked – buses, vans, cars and trucks. During the checks, a bus driver was stopped twice with hundreds of perfumes and clothes – “gifts” for relatives and friends.

On November 3 at the Vidin border crossing
stopped for inspection exiting from country truck, managed by a Bulgarian citizen. The driver has presented documents certifying that he is transporting floral water. The customs officials carried out an inspection, where instead of floral waters in the cargo they found 2405 perfumes, for which suspicions arose of illegal use of protected trademarks. Perfumes are held back.

Just a few days later, on November, at the Danube Bridge near Ruse, customs inspectors carried out a thorough customs inspection of a Turkish bus on its way out of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the personal luggage of the driver, a Turkish citizen, they found 148 perfumes, which were not properly declared. The guide explained that he was transporting the perfumes to Romania for gifts.

On November 15 the bus with the same driver was again stopped for inspection. Customs inspectors found another 200 perfumes and cosmetics in his personal luggage. A Romanian citizen, a passenger on the bus, was also checked during the inspection. 116 cosmetic products were found in his luggage. All goods have been seized. The driver and the passenger were issued documents for establishing an administrative violation.

Again on November 15, Ruse border crossing customs officials detain during two checks in total 329 textiles – jackets and sweatshirts suspected of infringing intellectual property rights.

A large amount of counterfeit detergents, cleaning agents and medicines were seized from “Captain Andreevo”

In the first case, 84 jackets were found and sweatshirts when checking a light truck driven by a Bulgarian citizen. In the second case, the inspectors came across 245 textile products when checking a bus on its way out of Bulgaria. The clothes are packed in five sacks that are owned by a passenger on the bus. The owner explained that he purchased the goods from Turkey, but did not declare them properly. The textile products were seized, and the violators were sanctioned with acts.

On November 17, the Danube bridge near Ruse was stopped to check a bus leaving the state. In the personal luggage of the driver, the customs inspectors found 113 undeclared cosmetic products – perfumes and toilet waters and 32 pairs of sports shoes of well-known brands. The driver used the common explanation that he had purchased and was carrying the goods as gifts. The undeclared goods were seized, and the driver was issued an act under the Customs Act.

1,060 sports teams were detained by customs officials at the Danube bridge near Vidin on November 20. During an inspection carried out on a minibus on the way out of Bulgaria, the driver presented a transit customs declaration and other documents accompanying the transported goods. The inspectors carried out a physical inspection of the cargo, where they found that pieces of fabric were sewn onto the tracksuits, which concealed embroidered and affixed logos and symbols of protected trademarks. “Branded” sports teams are on hold.

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