Kyustendil Municipality will continue to cover all costs for Osogovo Stadium

Kyustendil Municipality will continue to cover all costs for Osogovo Stadium
Kyustendil Municipality will continue to cover all costs for Osogovo Stadium

“The municipality of Kyustendil will continue the tradition of bearing all costs for the Osogovo stadium and not collecting rent from the clubs.” This was promised by the mayor Eng. Ognyan Atanasov and the responsible deputy mayor for sports Kristiyan Ivanchov at a meeting with representatives of sports clubs the city of Osogovo stadium. Problems related to repairs of sports facilities, maintenance of the stadium, investments, organization of parking were discussed.

The need for complete renovation of certain halls was also taken into account in the discussion. The financing of a new athletics track, which will be used not only by active sportsmen, but also by the entire city, was identified as a priority by those present.

Eng. Atanasov pointed out that the goal is to make decisions together, not on the “mayor said” principle.
“I come across the situation twice: The new mayor forbade it, and the new mayor didn’t know,” Eng. Atanasov is emphatic and promised that everything possible will be done for the mineral water to reach the stadium, as suggested by coach Valentin Raichev as a municipal councilor.

“We have the intention and the good will to continue developing the sports base, to make gradual improvements, through mediation to try to solve where there are problems between the clubs, where it is necessary to make concessions from one side or the other. We, on the other hand, will make commitments to improve the conditions in the halls in question and we wanted to hear about your pressing problems and ask you to talk to the members of your clubs so that we can preserve the base for a longer time. If it seems to you that there are problems somewhere – for example leaks, to report promptly. Above all, we want to hear from you, to hear your problems, to see what can be solved and we are open to suggestions,” said Eng. Atanasov.
“At any time, you can turn to us for anything, so that the problems that have arisen can be solved,” said the departmental deputy. – Mayor Christian Ivanchov.
“I say again, it will not happen all at once with a magic wand, it will be done in stages depending on the financial possibilities. I hope there are no contradictions as to why it is first one hall, then the other – you are all important, depending on the financial resources available to the municipality, action will be taken in stages”, explained Eng. Atanasov.
There was a proposal to use the stadium halls on a schedule by all coaches, as is the practice in schools with the gymnasium.
“Let us, with schedules, tolerance and humanity among ourselves, make it so that we all work,” said Slavi Kashkin.
At the meeting, a question was asked by the president of the “Vasil and Georgi Ilievi” wrestling club, Valeri Raichev, who asked if the construction of a multifunctional sports hall is part of the administration’s plans.
“As of today, there is no Operational Program that is open and under which you can apply. If there is such a program open, we have the good will to do it. I am part of the design team of the hall in Dupnitsa, I know how the hall was built there and I think that we can make a much better facility, the question is to have financing. It cannot be done with funding from our capital costs, because they are about 4.5 million per year, which are grossly insufficient. This can only be done through an Operational Program or targeted funding from the state,” commented Eng. Atanasov.
At the suggestion of the sports clubs, a committee will be formed to go around the halls and ascertain the problems after the renovation of the stadium – where tiles have fallen, cables are hanging or there are leaks. The repair is still under warranty, so the people who worked on the site will have the opportunity to complete their work.
Capital construction experts and representatives of sports clubs will be included in the commission.
“Absolutely adequate proposal, but this will not be done only for the stadium. I have requested a list of the sites that are out of warranty and durability this year to see what needs to be fixed. For the stadium, definitely, we will send the construction department, we will ask Mr. Gikov together with representatives of the various clubs to tour the halls, and as long as this was the subject of the project, which was paid for as an activity, they will be obliged by the contractor company to do it they are fixing,” said Eng. Atanasov.
At the meeting, questions related to the parking of coaches and the stopping of buses with children in front of the central entrance were raised.
Official parking spaces will be allocated in front of the central entrance, as was done in front of the Polyclinic, so that coaches from sports clubs can park. The necessary organization will be created so that buses with children can park in front of the central entrance of the stadium without disturbing the integrity of the pavement.

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