There will be an ice rink in Plovdiv for a BGN 100,000 guarantee

There will be an ice rink in Plovdiv for a BGN 100,000 guarantee
There will be an ice rink in Plovdiv for a BGN 100,000 guarantee
There will be an ice rink again in Plovdiv. The attraction will be located in the familiar place – Central Square, Mayor Kostadin Dimitrov announced, a reporter told

The company that will build the facility will pay solid insurance on the square in favor of the municipality of Plovdiv, at the express insistence of the city administration.

“We had a deep communication about the winter rink. We suggested it be in the “Zapaden” area near the Bratska mogila, but there is no power supply there. That’s why we asked for BGN 100,000 insurance on the square for the benefit of the municipality. One tile should be moved – for the last time, they will f. We set conditions for all equipment to be carried by hand and for additional insulation to be laid so that the pavement does not freeze,” explained Dimitrov.

The mayor refused for 2 weeks to allow the ice rink to be in the central square, but last night the representative of the company agreed to the conditions and undertook to fulfill them. So residents of Plovdiv and guests of the city will enjoy the attraction this year.

In all districts there will be a Christmas tree, as is tradition, and this year there will be festive decorations on the small main one as well.

On Stefan Stambolov Square, preparations have already begun for the installation of the city’s Christmas tree. The Christmas tree will be erected from November 28 to 30. The Christmas tree will be 13 meters high, said Deputy Mayor for Culture Plamen Panov. The decoration will be replaced and different.

Mayor Kostadin Dimitrov will traditionally turn on the holiday lights on December 1 at 5:30 p.m. The role of Santa Claus will be played by actor Stoyan Surdanov.

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