Nearly 400 traffic violations last week

Nearly 400 traffic violations last week
Nearly 400 traffic violations last week

391 are the total violations of the Law on Road Traffic, established in the period from November 13 to 19, 2023 – reported by the press center of ODMVR-Razgrad.

During the specified week, the “Road Police” teams at the ODMVR-Razgrad compiled 809 slips and 56 acts. Three of the certificates were issued to unlicensed drivers. Two pedestrians were fined for not following traffic rules.

Four drivers were found sitting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. In one of them, the concentration was over 1.2 ppm.

The registrations of six motor vehicles were terminated – in three of the cases the reason was the driver’s incapacity, in another two – the use of alcohol by the drivers, and in one – the use of narcotic substances.

During the specified week, three traffic accidents were registered, in which three people were injured, according to the statistics of the Traffic Police.

Since the beginning of November, 405 violations of speed regimes have been detected with video surveillance cameras in the territory served by ODMVR-Razgrad. There were 164 electronic slips handed out. During the checks, 8 unlicensed drivers were found.

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