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A GERB MEP does not think that Bulgaria can enter Schengen before the elections in Austria

A GERB MEP does not think that Bulgaria can enter Schengen before the elections in Austria
A GERB MEP does not think that Bulgaria can enter Schengen before the elections in Austria

Until the parliamentary elections in Austria take place in 2024, I do not believe that we will enter Schengen, said the MEP from GERB/ENP Andrey Kovachev.

According to him, until November last year, Austria had no problem with accepting Bulgaria into the Schengen area, but after the statement of their interior minister, the situation has changed.

“Their interior minister decided that this topic could give them a few percent more, which would raise their results in local elections,” explained Kovachev, quoted by BTA.

Austria ties its veto on the two Balkan countries to the need for a comprehensive reform of Schengen, on which there is currently no agreement.

Regarding the position of the Netherlands, which also imposes a veto on the admission of our country, Kovachev stated that it has nothing to do with the Schengen topic, since the main reason they state is that they have many Bulgarian citizens who abuse the social system of the country.

Kovachev’s version slightly diverges from the official position of the Netherlands, which insists on more results in the fight against corruption and crime.

A day ago, the Netherlands asked the EC for a new Schengen-related fact-checking mission in Bulgaria.

According to the MEP, there is no possibility that Romania will be separated from Bulgaria for Schengen, as this will require the creation of an external border of the Union along the Danube River.

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