The child who suffered violence in Silistra, went to school with a knife and a box – From the day


Yesterday “Horizon” reported on a case of violence against a child by his classmates, which is being investigated by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Silistra. It became public knowledge after publication of a clip in the social network.

We are working to clarify all the details. The term of the inspection is five days. The so-called A coordination mechanism of institutions, which also works on the subject, announced Vanya Raycheva from the “Child Protection” department in Silistra.

“It is established that 5 children participated in the suicide. One of them shot a video. The children claim they were provoked by Victor’s aggressive behavior and the threats he made to them as he attended the school with a knife and a box.

The “Child Protection” department also registered alerts for The 5 children who used violence. They will be directed to the community support center and they will be provided with individual work with a teacher and a psychologist.

Educational cases will also be opened for all childrenwho have shown aggression”.

Parents of children from the Municipal Sports School in Silistra claim that the child-victim in the clip is actually an aggressor.

“My son would have been seriously injured. Victor and another have taken his bike apart.”

“For us, the case is of repeated insults. I have seen his mother abuse him physically and mentally. It’s not the child that’s the problem, it’s the mother”.

When I see this child, I run because he threatens me and says he’ll break my head.”

Diana Hristova is the mother of one of the main characters in the videos – Dimitar.

“My son is provoked by Victor, who even beats his mother. The child itself must be further away from its mother.”

Danaya Dimitrova is a ninth grader at the same school. She and her classmates are among the witnesses of Victor’s behavior, who in this case is the victim.

“He teases everyone at school. My brother cried that he didn’t want to come to school. He threatens to beat him up and break his teeth“.

According to Galabina Velikova, the escalation of tension was expected, since in this school the children are athletes and self-confident. She herself is a high school teacher and has no point of contact with the seventh-graders – heroes of the videos, but she had a run-in with Victor.

“He showed aggression towards me. He hit me behind. I warned him not to. Bhe lashed out aggressively and brazenly – against a teacher!”

Deputy – the director of the Municipal Sports School, Svetla Ilieva, claims that Victor’s behavior was discussed almost daily by the teachers.

“Yesterday bthe Committee on School Bullying was convened. We decided that all the students should be punished.

He verbally challenges all the other students. Children don’t have as high a tolerance threshold as adults and they reacted that way.”

According to Viktor’s mother – Asya Zlateva – her son has a problem that needs to be mastered. She does not deny that he shows aggression, but she is adamant that if he receives the necessary support, his behavior can be controlled so that similar situations do not occur. She is the person who puts the videos on the social network.

“The aggression is very serious towards me as well. People don’t understand that Victor is a child with special needs. He receives no additional support. You can’t work with it.

I have sought help many times.

A year ago he started showing aggression towards me.

His diagnosis is Asperger’s Syndrome. Everyone thinks that Victor is extremely ill-mannered. I am often told that it is my fault. I, as a parent, should be supported, not threatened and reprimanded. It’s very painful for me. I don’t know where to take him.”

The Department of Child Protection said that they have actually been working with Victor and his mother since late last year, but even before that they had registered reports from previous schools where he had been. Three months is the time limit for the boy’s assessment for additional support status to be prepared.

Until then, everyone remains in a vicious circle, because the problem of one child reflects on the behavior of the others.

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