customized range of KIVI smart TVs in collaboration with A1


KIVI, a European smart TV brand, has been present on the Bulgarian market since 2022. Along the way, the brand managed to find fans among the Bulgarian technology community and significantly expanded its presence in the retail trade. This autumn, KIVI introduced a customized range of smart TVs in collaboration with A1’s interactive TV and VOD content platform – Xplore TV.

KIVI is an international company established in 2016 that develops and manufactures smart TVs. Today, the brand’s products are sold in almost 20 countries. In 6 years of its existence, the company has sold more than 1,500,000 TVs. New products are developed in the company’s research and development centers located in Europe and China, and production is carried out in large factories around the world. The brand is positioned in the middle price segment, offering users high technology at an affordable price.

Since its inception, KIVI has sought to change our perception of TV as a “zombie box”. The brand’s products are a kind of media center for entertainment: movies, shows, video games and other content are available to consumers immediately after unpacking the TV. It is only necessary for the device to be connected to the Internet for users to start browsing, as all the necessary applications are pre-installed, thus no time is wasted in searching and downloading them.

In Bulgaria, A1 and its TV platform became KIVI’s content partner. A1’s own smart TV application – Xplore TV, used on over 100,000 devices, is pre-installed on all KIVI smart TVs sold on the Bulgarian market. In addition, its content is available to users with just one push of a special button: KIVI remotes have a shortcut button dedicated to the A1 Xplore TV application, as well as buttons for quick access to the world’s content giants – YouTube and Netflix.

The Xplore TV smart TV app provides access to more than 200 TV channels in SD, HD and 4K picture quality. Through the app, A1 provides its subscribers with a new way to watch TV, leaving behind cables, additional devices and the need for a second remote. Smart TVs can use both Wi-Fi and a standard cable internet connection, and the app replaces existing set-top boxes. App users can pause, fast forward or rewind, and view an archive of shows and TV programs up to 7 days back, with detailed information view.

“A1 was one of the first companies to put our products on retail sale. It is a market leader, therefore it is very important for us that the management of A1 highly appreciated the customer-oriented features of KIVI smart TVs and started offering our products in their own retail outlets and in the online store of A1. We are grateful for this trust. Therefore, adding Xplore TV to our media hub and placing a special button for direct access to the application from a remote control was a logical step in our global cooperation”, said Oleksandr Shabanov, business development manager at KIVI, on the occasion of the cooperation between the two companies.

“The Xplore TV app for smart TVs is increasingly preferred by A1 subscribers who can use it on a wide range of devices and operating systems. Now that it is pre-installed on KIVI Smart TVs, it will be even more accessible to customers who want interactive TV without additional devices and cables, anywhere they have an Internet connection. We look forward to continuing our partnership with KIVI as they continuously expand their market presence in the country,” added Alexander Petrov, Team Manager “Products, Services and OTT Partnerships for Private Clients” at A1 Bulgaria.

For the smart TVs of KIVI

The European brand KIVI offers smart TVs with diagonals from 24” to 65”, with different screen resolutions (HD, Full HD, Ultra HD) and frameless design. The most popular models are available in white, which allows KIVI devices to fit harmoniously into any interior. The technologies used by the manufacturer guarantee high quality of the picture on the screen:

  • Super Contrast Control allows to change the contrast in individual areas of the picture during dark scenes.
  • UltraClear improves the picture detail of content below 4K resolution.
  • HDR is supported by KIVI TVs not only for files on external media, but also when streaming video or playing games.
  • MEMC automatically analyzes the picture quality and adds the necessary number of frames to make the movements on the screen look smooth and the details clear.
  • Max Vivid the technology adjusting the brightness and color saturation makes the picture even more exciting.

The speakers in the KIVI integrated audio system are manually calibrated and enhanced with the Dolby Audio Processing (DAP) system, which analyzes the sound in real time and provides access to preset presets. Smart TVs work with the licensed Android TV 11 operating system and are certified by Google. In 2020, KIVI became an official partner of Netflix.

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