Pleven Philharmonic presents two concerts with the music of maestro Hristo Yotsov in Burgas and Yambol


Pleven Philharmonic presents two concerts with the music of maestro Hristo Yotsov in Burgas and Yambol. This was reported to BTA by the Philharmonic.
For most admirers, maestro Hristo Yotsov is known as a jazz musician, composer, virtuoso, arranger and teacher of percussion instruments, but through the program for the upcoming concerts his premiere compositions in the field of the symphonic genre, in which he has been creating for a long time, will be presented. By combining classical forms with the language of jazz, he modeled a new type of music that would adhere to musical forms known for centuries, fertilized with the rhythm, harmony and emotion of jazz, notes the Pleven Philharmonic.
Three symphonic works will be presented on November 23 in the concert hall of the Burgas National Theater and on November 24 in the Yambol Municipal Hall, a premiere for both cities. Festive overture “Pleven 2023” is a piece written on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Pleven Philharmonic. “Pictures from two worlds” will be performed in front of the audience in both cities – a double concert composed for the percussionist with an international career Vasilena Serafimova – marimba, and with a “supporting male role” on the drums by Hristo Yotsov, as a soloist. A double concert for trumpet, trombone and orchestra, dedicated to two of the most famous jazz, but not only, musicians in Bulgaria – Mihail Yosifov – trumpet and Velislav Stoyanov – trombone is the third premiere work.
The premiere of this program was presented in front of full halls in Sofia and Pleven at the beginning of the year. Now it is to be performed in Burgas and Yambol.
The two Pleven Philharmonic concerts will be conducted by Borislav Yotsov.
BTA reminds that a few days ago the premiere of another musical project “To love Gershwin” of the Pleven Philharmonic took place in Pleven with Hilda Kazasyan, Theodosii Spasov, Vasil Petrov and one of the best jazz musicians in Bulgaria – Hristo Yotsov – drums, Zhivko Petrov – piano, Dimitar Karamfilov – double bass, Mikhail Yosifov – trumpet. Due to the great interest, a new date was announced – February 22 next year in the “Katya Popova” hall.

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