Stara Zagora will once again be the capital of opera and ballet art

Stara Zagora will once again be the capital of opera and ballet art
Stara Zagora will once again be the capital of opera and ballet art

Stara Zagora welcomes one of the most emblematic events in the world of culture – Festival of Opera and Ballet Art (FOBI). The traditional forum comes again with a rich and interesting program.

“Congratulations to the entire team of the Staro Zagora Opera House, its management realizes an exceptional production that supports the cultural, spiritual and artistic spirit. The Municipality of Stara Zagora will continue to stand behind everything that the State Opera does,” said the mayor, Zhivko Todorov. During a press conference on the occasion of the beginning of the 53rd edition of FOBI, ​​Todorov emphasized that from now on the joint work of the two institutions will begin in connection with the celebration in 2025 of the 100th anniversary of the second opera in Bulgaria – the one under the lime trees, as well as 55th Opera and Ballet Art Festival. Zhivko Todorov warmly congratulated and presented a bouquet to the opera prima Veselina Katsarova – artistic director of the Staro Zagora Opera, which is conducting its Master Class within the framework of the Festival.

The responsible deputy mayor of Stara Zagora, Milena Zheleva, was categorical that the Stara Zagora Opera maintains a level that is high not only for the national, but also for the European stages.

“For the 53rd time, the Opera and the Municipality are pooling resources to hold the Festival of Opera and Ballet Art in Stara Zagora. In his program you will not find familiar titles, but mainly those that are performed less often. With the premiere of “Eugene Onegin”, our opera “sets the flavor” of the festival program. It features 5 operas, 2 of which are by Wagner, one ballet title, one Bulgarian title and an endlessly interesting accompanying program,” said the director of the State Opera-Stara Zagora, Ognyan Draganov.

“My professional path began right here – in Stara Zagora, during this festival. There is nothing accidental! Here he continues to exist, despite the hard times globally. This art is alive, thanks to all the people who care about it. The artists are inside it, but without support – organizational and financial resources, there is no way things will happen,” said Veselina Katsarova.

“Eugene Onegin” is a lyrical-psychological opera, developed in a direction radically different from Italian operas. The music is set to Pushkin’s extremely difficult text. Tchaikovsky is a wonderful orchestrator, an outstanding melodist. There are so many solo instruments in music that they resemble solo concerts. With “Eugene Onegin” we will once again set a high bar for comparison with other theaters. The action in the opera immerses us in a world from which we are cut off now, in our modern times” – Ivaylo Krinchev, chief conductor and conductor of the production, told the media representatives.

For his part, director Slavcho Nikolov said that “Eugene Onegin” was the first opera title by P.I. Tchaikovsky that he worked on. “Tchaikovsky is a great playwright and a very great director. In the opera, I make a human narration of a classic story “To the Hell of Missed Opportunities”. With the scenographer and costume designer Gendoni, we wanted the performance to be classical, but also slightly abstract. We also work wonderfully with Romina Slavova and Marcelo Molina, who installed the plastic of “Eugene Onegin”.

At the end of the press conference, Veselina Katsarova addressed a special invitation to her fans – to attend the concert of the master classes – hers and Kaludi Kaludov’s, on November 29 at 7:00 p.m. at the Opera, because “the future of the Opera is the young performers who must be supported and encouraged’.

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