A campaign will delight over 130 children in Vrachansko

A campaign will delight over 130 children in Vrachansko
A campaign will delight over 130 children in Vrachansko


Photo: Zhoro Alexandrov

Over 130 children from socially disadvantaged families or parents with less financial means will receive a gift thanks to the campaign “Adopt a family from Vratsa”. It was opened today by the mayor of Vratsa municipality Kalin Kamenov. The mayor congratulated the initiators of the campaign:

“The good thing is that on today’s wonderful Christian holiday – the Day of the Christian Family and the Youth, we are together to support the children who are not sure that there will be anyone to support on the eve of Christmas Eve and Christmas.”

Kamenov gave a personal example by pulling from the Christmas tree and will donate toys, clothes and books to a 6-year-old boy.

The honorary chairman of the initiative Evelina Vaskova also congratulated the donors and reminded that the “Adopt a Vrachan family” was implemented for the 21st year:

“Thank you to all the donors, there will be children’s smiles, glowing faces, grateful mother’s eyes and this is a great feeling in our souls – for virtue and generosity.”

Among the donors were People’s Representative from GERB Martin Harizanov and MP from Vazrazhdane Ivaylo Papov, Deputy Regional Governor Nikolay Nikolov, Municipal Councilors from SDS Irina Ivanova and Rumen Petkov, as well as from PP-DB Vasko Vrachovski and Vladislava Lakova, the chairman of the community center the board of directors of the “Development 1869” NB Radosveta Krumova, business representatives and public figures.

Children from the “Bulgarche” DG presented a greeting to those present.

As part of the campaign, from November 21 to December 12, 2022, donations will be collected at the House of Science and Technology. Each donor will be issued a donation certificate. Information can be obtained at tel.: 62 03 20 at the House of Science and Technology.

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