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Rena Stefanova, chairperson of the Temporary Commission created to prepare a draft of the Regulations, proposes to introduce changes in the Regulations for the organization and activities of the Municipal Council in Ruse, its committees and its interaction with the municipal administration.

Stefanova suggests to change the legal framework for remuneration, which the municipal councilor receives for his participation in the meetings of the Municipal Council and its committees. “It is unjustified to receive remuneration in the cases in which the municipal councilor, without a good reason, does not exercise his right to vote on some of the items contained in the agenda of the relevant meeting,” Stefanova’s reasons state. So she suggests the municipal councilor to receive remuneration if he voted for at least 2/3 of the items on the agenda.

The report states that those participating in closed meetings of the commissions are obliged not to disseminate the information that became known to them during the meetings and that relate to the private life and good name of the citizens.

Another change concerns speeches during a session. “The equality of individual subjects requires that the limit of speech of each of them be clearly defined and limited proportionally. It is offered the statements to the mayor or to a representative of the municipal administration designated by him, to the mayors of town halls and deputy mayors be limited within 5 minutes’is specified in Stefanova’s report.

In addition, the Rules now allow a maximum of 2 replicas to be made for the same statement. The proposal is to increase the number of replicas to 3.

Next, it is proposed that all acts of the Municipal Council be published on the council’s website in a free format, thus ensuring easier access to them, but also transparency in the work of the council to a greater extent.

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