Hurricane wind in Burgas: The sea throws out 50-kilogram pieces, the waves slide parts of the bike lane


The stormy sea demolished part of the promenade between Burgas and “Sarafovo”. The section, which is used by many cyclists and pedestrians, has become dangerous because of a collapse, and meters of the alley are completely missing.

About a year and a half ago, a part of the promenade began to slide towards the sea. Then a safety strip is put on. After the hurricane winds and big waves, part of it is already missing. The waves have reached as far as the light poles.

“The wind was very strong, hurricane-like from the north. There are pieces of 40-50 kg that have been thrown out of the sea at the shore strengthening facility,” commented Borislav Tomov, organizer of the Sarafovo district.

“This section of the road is not reinforced. This is the reason why it is eroding and falling,” he further pointed out.


According to the Regional Administration, the road was illegally built and should not be used at all. However, according to local residents, it is used all year round, and until recently even an amusement train passed by it.


They say that the state did not take any measures and now the results are a fact. Nevertheless, the place has been turned into a “sports artery” for Burgas.

The municipality has sent a new request to the Ministry of Regional Development for emergency measures.

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