It begins: They dismantled a billboard and lighting from the roof of the Concert Hall


The saga with the repair and reconstruction of the Concert Hall is about to end. Construction workers have removed the billboard from the building’s roof, and its central entrance is currently cordoned off. Light fixtures have also been removed from the facade. This happened in the presence of a representative of the contractor company Zaechki EOOD. Although the signing of the contract with the selected construction company is not reflected in the electronic public procurement system, everything indicates that it is a mere formality. Especially after the deadline for appealing to the Commission for the Protection of Competition has expired.

With public procurement, the investor control contractor – “Alfa Pi Project” Ltd. was selected. Architectural agency “Bratya Kadinovi” EOOD will exercise author’s supervision, after they won the public order worth BGN 230,000 excluding VAT. It is the architectural bureau of arch. Boyko Kadinov finished the project for repair and reconstruction of the hall.

The saga began eight years ago when it was closed because it was dangerous to artists and audiences. In 2016, arch. Savov prepared the specifications for the hall. In 2019, the contractor was chosen to make the technical project – the architectural studio of arch. Boyko Kadinov. Its project was approved in 2020. After a long silence, it was finally announced in 2022 that the plans of the Ministry of Culture included the holding of a public procurement. In a subsequent letter dated July 13, the director of the State Opera-Plovdiv, Assoc. Nina Naydenova, was informed that funds for capital expenditures in the amount of BGN 11,008,014.22 including VAT were approved and the procedure should be started by the cultural institute.

The desire of the management of DO-Plovdiv is for the procedures to be commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, due to the lack of a legal team within the state cultural institute. In the end, the Minister of Culture awarded the public contract in his capacity as a higher level budget manager. It was announced on September 23 and was subsequently suspended on October 26 due to errors found. It was then announced again on January 11, 2023.

It turned out that the companies that appeared did not meet the requirements laid down in the requirements and it was again terminated.

The architectural project for the repair and reconstruction is by arch. Boyko Kadinov. According to him, it is planned that the podium of the Concert Hall will be constructed from 4 platforms. One is 14600×3100 and three – 14600×2000. Currently, the stage is on a platform that moves in a concrete structure. The arrangement of four platforms will require a new scheme of stage mechanization, because each of the platforms will be independent. This will allow different options for using the space – for example, a main hall and a stage with one level floor, as well as stage platforms arranged amphitheatrically in different configurations.

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