Sofia hosts a key event for human rights and international diplomacy

Sofia hosts a key event for human rights and international diplomacy
Sofia hosts a key event for human rights and international diplomacy

Special Guest: North Korean defector Kang Chun-hyuk shares his struggle for freedom

On November 27, a diplomatic seminar on “EU-North Korea Relations and the Path Forward” will be held in Sofia, organized by the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria.

The seminar will focus attention on the dire human rights situation in North Korea and provide an opportunity for open dialogue, cooperation and the search for potential solutions to this important issue. The event will also discuss EU policy and future directions regarding the evolving relationship between Russia and North Korea, including issues related to cyber security and non-proliferation.

Join us to hear the story of Kang Chun-hyuk, a North Korean defector and famous artist. His art, from his debut single “For Freedom” to exhibitions in South Korea and Europe, has protested human rights abuses in his former homeland. Mr. Chun-hyuk will be available for additional questions and interviews from the media.

The aim of the workshop is to promote diplomacy by providing a platform to discuss measures and strategies that can shape the EU’s approach to North Korea. The event will also be relevant for the Bulgarian audience, as it will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience between representatives of Bulgarian, Korean and European institutions, as well as human rights experts.

We are pleased to invite you to cover the diplomatic seminar “EU-North Korea Relations and the Path Forward”. We believe that this participation will be valuable and will help in our collective efforts to address the challenging human rights issues in North Korea and the position of the EU vis-à-vis North Korea in these difficult times.



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