In Chirpan, the large-scale project for the rehabilitation and completion of the water supply and sewerage network of Stara Zagora Waterworks is completed

In Chirpan, the large-scale project for the rehabilitation and completion of the water supply and sewerage network of Stara Zagora Waterworks is completed
In Chirpan, the large-scale project for the rehabilitation and completion of the water supply and sewerage network of Stara Zagora Waterworks is completed

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The implementation of the project was opened in Chirpan on July 28, 2021.

On November 23, Thursday, at 12:00 p.m. in Chirpan at the address “Saedinenie” square #1 (the square in front of the Municipality) the two completed objects under project No. BG16M1OP002-1.016-0013, financed under the Operational Program “Environment” will be officially opened ” 2014-2020, co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union under direct grant procedure BG16M1OP002-1.016 “Construction of water supply infrastructure” to a specific beneficiary “Water supply and sewerage” EOOD – Stara Zagora.

The event will be attended by the regional governor of Stara Zagora Iva Radeva, the mayor of Chirpan Ivaylo Kracholov, the manager of the Stara Zagor Waterworks Engineer Radostin Milanov, project contractors, media, citizens and interested parties.

There are two completed projects in Chirpan agglomeration: External water supply from water source “Maritsa” from km. 4+943 to reservoir V=6,500 m3 in the town of Chirpan and Reconstruction of the town’s water supply and sewerage network.

The supply water pipeline from the “Maritsa” water source to Chirpan, together with the push water pipeline, which for the most part was made of Eternite pipes Ф546 mm, was economically justified, but in terms of operation, it turned out to be extremely unreliable. Along with this, prerequisites were created for a high emergency rate. It has now been partially replaced with steel and fiberglass pipes.

With the present project, the rest of the supply water pipeline, which is also the main push water pipeline of the town of Chirpan, has been replaced, and 5321 m of eternite pipes have been replaced with new ones made of high-density polyethylene. Numerous facilities were also built along the route of the water pipeline – water measuring shafts, shut-off valve shafts, airmen, emptying shafts and others.

Chirpan’s existing internal water supply network was built in the 1950s and 1960s. It is mainly made of eternite and steel pipes, which are amortized and cause frequent accidents. The water pipes executed by PEVP represent a small percentage of the city’s water supply system (about 4.5%). There are sections of the city’s water network that have problems regarding normal pressure, which has necessitated the formation of zones of the network.

With this project, water pipes were completed along the route of already displaced sewer branches. The new water mains close the water ring and provide pressure for the users. Sections of old water mains that pass through private properties are decommissioned. All this increases the quality of the service, its reliability and continuous water supply.

The total length of the newly constructed and reconstructed water pipes under the present project is 1259 m, with a diameter of φ90 mm.

With the project, new sewer branches were built. Not all properties in Chirpan are connected to the city’s sewer network. With the construction of the new sewer branches, cesspits are removed and unregulated discharges of untreated sewage into Chirpan’s waterways passing through the city’s regulation are eliminated. The result is a better operation of the treatment plant, with new amounts of waste water being diverted to it. The number of users who receive quality services from VK Stara Zagora EOOD is increasing.

Within the framework of the current project, the following were reconstructed: a sewer network with a length of 2030 m, including all the sewer branches along the route up to the yard inspection shaft in the property were reconstructed; street drains with rainwater shafts were built, 3 pcs. storm spillways and a sewage pumping station at the southeast end of town.

The total value of the site is BGN 7,695,354 including VAT, of which BGN 4,807,672.41 is from the Cohesion Fund, and BGN 848,412.78 is national co-financing.
The Beneficiary’s own contribution amounts to BGN 756,709.81, with inadmissible expenses for VAT amounting to BGN 1,282,559.

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