Protest in the Yambol village of Roza against the poor conditions in a dog shelter


Photo: Daniela Kostova

In the Yambol village of Roza, a protest was held today against the poor conditions of keeping stray animals in the municipal shelter. A committee of veterinarians inspected the premises where more than 50 dogs were confined.

The organizer of the protest is the chairman of the “Good Fairies” Foundation, Miglena Dermendzhieva, and together with her, English volunteers stood in front of the municipal shelter today. Their main demand is that the shelter of the municipality of Tunja be closed,

The animals live in puddles of excrement, the floor is not concrete, the sheets that imitate a roof are not all the way to the end of the cages, and when it rains, everything goes inside. When it snows, everything winds up inside and the animals freeze to death.

The newly elected mayor of the municipality of Tundzha, Stancho Stavrev stated that he will fully comply with the prescriptions that the veterinarians will make.

“It is very important for us to get the objective opinion of the control authorities and to ensure that these animals are raised under normal conditions.”

At the same time, a campaign to adopt the dogs closed in the shelter was launched.

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